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Guinea Pig for Shredded In 6 Days?


If Zraw allows I'd try this but I haven't talked to him in awhile and don't want too without asking him so how about someone sacrifice less than a wee and be T Nation's guinea pig and report back!


RattleHead in the BB'ing section I think is planning on trying it out.


It wont be me LOL I'm way to far from being cut LOL


I did this once for a photo shoot and modeling gig. There was clearly a difference in my physique and I was not even that lean to begin with..

It's a pain in the ass to drink so much water, though.


Followed that for my first contest. Worked very well. I will stress that I was already stupidly diced before I started the protocol. As Thibs told me, I was already so lean that anything I did the last week wouldn't screw up how tight I looked.

How are you looking before even considering any water n carb manip?



I did this for my contest prep last year. Attached is the photo of my progression from Friday night when I stopped drinking water, took a bath, and then through Saturday Night after the show.

There is a noticeable difference from the protocol, however there are a few caveats:

  • You have to be SHREDDED for it to be noticeable.

  • The condition literally lasts for a few HOURS. This is not something that people will be commenting on for weeks. It is literally to peak for a shoot, or for the AM or PM portion of a show.


Did it last year just for the hell of it. I lost about 5 pounds in those 6 days, and got shreeded as fuark. I didn't drink that much water though, about 2 gallons max, and also I didn't carb up quite right because well, I was bored lol. I was thinking about it again sometime in august in my vacation. Here is a picture how I got. THe lighting kinda sucks, but you get the point.

EDIT: I also didn't use any kind of diuretic, herbal or not.


And a side chest.


It definitely works that's for sure, for anyone who's done it, what were the rest of your macros like on he first few carb days of less than 50 grams?


I was eating only meats and eggs, so it was probably under 10g of carbs. I was depleting for a show though, and you can probably getting a bit more than that. But hell, its only a week, get extreme.


Awesome quote lol.


"do this side boob turn you on, well it shouldn't cause that's my side boob"