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Ahhh, what a glorious day! Those Enron fuckers are going to prison. No, they are not eligible for minimum security, it's federal prison for them. May they have many boy friends. Shove it up your ass Mr. Lay and Skilling.


It's time to get out the clip of the president referring to Mr Lay as his friend.... :wink:


Fucking A! It's about time these bastards got their just desserts. I hope their dance card is very full in federal-pound-them-in-the-ass prison!


The first batch of Dubious' croonies is going down. Many more will follow.


I may lose, but I am betting if they do go to prison it will be a short stay. Vroom may have it right, a presidential pardon may happen.


If they get time, it will probably be to a Federal Minimum Camp. Very comfy some of them are: tennis courts, swimming pools and so on.

The guiding principle is that we restrict their freedoms: controlled movement, their mail gets read, phone calls monitored, mandatory program participation (victim impact, anger management, etc.), they can only eat what we basically give them (although there is canteen). In short, they go to prison as punishment, not for punishment.


The ammount of time they are due to serve, they are not eligible for minimum security. No resorts for them. Also, with the given image problems the current president has, I doubt a pardon is forth comming.


But...but I thought he didn't pay attention to polls? What is his approval rating nowadays? I'm betting we at least hit the teens before the year is up.


No way!

Those guys were protected by GW and his pals.

Don't you liberals remember claiming that on this very site?


I guess you guys were wrong about Bush again huh?


Bush's admin has actually been tough on corporate crooks.


Yeah....especially Martha!