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Guilty Pleasures


[quote]Chip Duglass wrote:
Weed! …Nothing quite like going on a binge when the munchie monster hits! Usually, when I smoke, its right before bed to avoid eating until I’m sick.[/quote]
Plus pot sleep is amazing. Like sleeping on a cloud and no groggy feeling unlike that OTC shit.


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Those somoa girl scout cookies.

Basically anything with caramel in it.

Chicken Bacon and Ranch from Subway.

And fucking sunflower seeds… I swear to god they are laced with crack. I cannot stop eating them if I have access to a bag. Tongue and lips hurting from all the salt? Fuck that, consume more!


[quote]HoustonGuy wrote:
Sleeping in

THIS. Except when I sleep in, it’s not a “Oh, whoops, gonna be 10-15 minutes late” or even “Guess I’m missing that first hour of class”, it’s “Hmmmmm, it’s 4 in the afternoon, there goes my day . . .”

[quote]HoustonGuy wrote:
Hitting the gas peddle way to hard when the road is open

I have a habit of doubling up (for starters) on the speed limit if it’s late at night and there’s nobody else on the road.

And motherfucking rainbow chips ahoy cookies. Had a bag with dinner the other night, and a bag that I guess was basically breakfast the next day when I rolled out of bed at 4pmish.


The Cooking Channel, Chopped specifically, I don’t know why I just like watching that show…


I never complain when my wife watches Serendipity b/c my GP has a lot to do with Kate Beckinsale.




I was going to create a thread but I found this instead, so Im gunna bump this for my own admission, and for the read through the previous posts because this is absolute gold

Personal GP-

A large zinger stacker box from KFC
Add on 12 peices of Original recipe
An extra 6 wicked wings
2 pepper mayo sliders


Taco Bell. But I don’t ever feel guilty about it.

I also drink a copious amount of pedialyte as an adult. Nectar of the gods.


Hangover cure of the gods


All of those. And they always put them right by the milk too.

I can kill a box of them casually. And they’re on the outside rim of the store. I don’t even know how they get into the cart.


We used to have a Entenmann’s outlet in town. It was in an industrial area right next to our most popular topless bar. Tittie bar is still open, but the pastry shop has been replaced by a construction contractor’s headquarters.


Nearest one to me is Cleveland, but that’s a bit too far. Unless I happen to be there. With a truck.


I was standing behind some guy who did a monster order. He turned around and says to me, that isn’t for my family, it’s all for me.

That was the closest I have come to being involved in a confession. I feel it appropriately for this thread.


Its nothing that is really out of the ordinary if im being honest, it costs $42.85 every time and its worth every cent