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Guilty Pleasures


A thread for guilty pleasures that make you say "whoops!"

Doesn't have to be food, my pic just is because I just ate it and PB and Chocolate = heaven and hell at the same time.

What are some guilty pleasures you know better than to indulge in but can't help it? Any topic is fine, hence GAL rather than nutrition.

I raided the ol' office kitchen and put together a flour tortilla, Peanut Butter (not natural) and magic shell chocolate sauce, microwaved just enough to soften the peanut butter.



Peanut butter and chocolate anything

Sleeping in


Antagonizing the neighbors dogs

Hitting the gas peddle way to hard when the road is open

Drinking one too many

Women of course


Bloody Mary's.....with lime, celery, and olives, with the glass rimmed with salt and Old Bay seasoning....extra splash of worchestershire sauce and a little heat, and really ,really, good vodka, like Ciroc, Stoli's, Grey Goose or Belverdere's........

Breakfast (and lunch and dinner) of champions!




Ever had a mango mojito? I don't care if it's gay, they are wonderful.


Yep. I'm secure enough to admit I like sweet, fruity chick drinks.

Besides, macho Hemingway LOVED Mojitos!


Hemingway is one of my heros.

And I absolutely heart strawberry anything, especially margaritas and pina coladas.


These, and...


These. More than anything in the world treat wise, it's the German Rasberry. I have to allow myself one container from BevMo a month, or else shit gets out of hand.


I luv, luv, luv these!!! Holy shit I cud eat a whole bag!!


Lucky Charms. I just love that cereal. Ill eat the grain pieces first out of my bowl and leave the marshmallows for the end. Then I have spoonfuls of marshmallow goodness.

And oatmeal raisin cookies.


Count Chocula has a jumbo fudge stick... I heard.


Bacon + Cheese + Potatoes.


Thank God it's Friday.


These are better, with garlic sour cream, from a chain out here in CO.


If those are waffle fries I'm going to spend a weekend in Colorado soon just to eat them.

And enjoy fall in the mountains of course.

What is the chain?



Also beer.


I want this so bad right now


Shit, I thought this thread was about Mexican strippers.


Thanks. I do love me some Colorado. If you see a deadly handsome man cruising around Boulder in November try not to stare, it freaks me out a little.


It very well could be but in all honesty they deserve their own thread.

When a pretty little latina is genuinly hot, she is unbelievably on fire. And so fiesty....