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Guilty Pleasure Movies or TV shows


Anyone got a show or movie you watch that you know you will catch shit for if other people find out about?

As far as shows, I actually enjoy MTV's Teen Wolf. Its not nearly as bad as you would think.

Also I still love me some Disney movies but that isn't nearly as guilty ha


The Cutting Edge.


Had to look that one up. ha


Such a ghey movie, but I can not stop watching it.


Trying to steal my thunder are you....

Ill play

Watched all 4 seasons of the OC with my GF a couple years ago....i liked it

Watched all 6 seasons of Nip/Tuck with my GF a couple years ago too.....also liked it

I can watch Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete on blu ray like every day without ever getting bored.


Yeah, haha I figured a spinoff was in order. Plus I was watching Teen Wolf last night and your thread came to mind. I also watched both of those with coercion. The OC was solid, Nip/Tuck was better at first but just kept getting weirder. Luckily I managed to be going it alone when the initial Grey's Anatomy and Laguna Beach/The Hills/Whatever else crazes hit.


Nip/Tuck was a great series and I enjoyed watching it with my wife. Became a bit raunchy near the end.




I really enjoy Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger...and also Space Jam....don't judge me.


Im seconding Space Jam, even though MJ clearly cant act.


There's very little about it that actually indicates any real sense of innovation or worth, especially if you throw it up next to Who Framed Roger Rabbit or some other live action-animation hybrid. But it's so mesmerising and I've never been able to not enjoy it, as hard as I try.


Hey hey hey hey hey....hey.

Last Action Hero is a classic calibre movie.


Batman Forever and Van Helsing are two of mine.



"Iced that guy"...easily the upper echelon of scripting genius. I'm simultaneously in a state of denial and acceptance over my love for that movie, and I always give in eventually.


I know somebody whose favourite of all time is Batman And Robin. I don't know them well.


I will watch Van Helsing literally every time I see it on.


Likely going to put on Slevin in the morning and get that review done for you, I apologise for having been pretty late on that.


No prob, enjoy the movie.


Will do. You ever see Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang by Shane Black? Was thinking about popping that on afterwards as well.


I worked on Last Action Hero (visual fx). Turns out the people who love it the most work in Hollywood, it pokes so much fun at the film business.

It was the same summer Jurassic Park came out. We were discussing which movie would do better box office. Supervisor had the opinion "Arnold vs dinosaurs? My money's on Arnold."