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Guiltless Meat Eating Future?


Hmmm...interesting. I wonder if they could enhance the protein content and make some super "body building" meat?


You know what could also be fun? Meat topiary.


If you can grow it in a giant sheet, does that mean I can finally make some steak fruit roll-ups? Because that would be awesome.


exactly...now we are talking. Beef roll ups... Beef bubble gum...

Maybe we could make a bed spread out of chicken and osmose the protein? Maybe I'm getting carried away?


not at all buddy! :smiley: all within the realms of sane reasoning :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell, I feel no guilt whatsoever about eating meat in the present.


Something tells me this "lab meat" will be about as healthy as the hormone-injected, antibiotics-fed, factory farm meat sold at strip mall grocery chains (ie not very). I'll stick with organically raised, grass-fed, free range meat cut off of a living (ok, once living) animal, thanks...