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guilt w/ girlfriend

Man i want to see that post! can someone tell me the proper subject title or can someone just bump it up? That some really fucked up shit but i have to read it!

If it was just a friendly kiss it’s not cheating. Is kissing your mom or sister cheating? Get real. Guilt is not the best measure of right or wrong. Some people feel guilty when they shouldn’t. Ever heard of survivor’s guilt? “I lived when everyone else died so I feel guilty”. People feel guilty when someone they know commits suicide. There is nothing they could have done to stop it but they feel guilty anyway. How about those kisses under the mistletoe at Xmas? Cheating? Hardly. If it wasn’t sexual, which generally means prolonged, saliva swapping tonsil hockey it’s not a big deal. If your girl thinks it’s a big deal, if you’re willing to tell her, you both need some more maturity. That will probably happen with time…but it’s not a guarantee.

Hey Dawg, I think the funniest parts of that thread was when he told everyone who was swearing at him to “lighten up” because what he did wasn’t really such a big deal and besides, her voice change sounded more sexier. And there was the part where he decided to tell her and and asked everyone to “wish me luck.” If that was a hoax, that was a good one! (And they happen often here.) Anyways, anyone who wants to check it out, it’s under the heading “Girlfriend turning into boyfriend?” Norm B was the author.