Guiloten Press

Just tried these yesterday and they seem ok. I am looking for a way to activate my chest more as my regular bench is tricep dominant. I’m not replacing standard bench with these but using them as a supplement exercise. My purpose is two fold the first is looks as I have figured out
My wife like guys with nice sized pecs and I am hoping to help my bench a little.

So does anyone have any experience with these in regard to carryover to competition bench press

Have a good orthopedic surgeon on hand…

There isn’t if any carry over from it or at least none I’m aware of… There are other movements that are more productive for developing bench strength and less risky in the long run.

Any special reason you can’t do flies or something?

My Sheiko routine was heavy on bench, DB flies, pushup/OH press/dip, DB flies, bench, DB flies, and my pecs grew.

[quote]cavalier wrote:
Any special reason you can’t do flies or something?


no not really just searching out other things. like everyone else my bench seems to be moving slow and I am tring to put it in fast forward… i KNOW that I just need to stick to the plan and sit back and wait. Maybe I will try to fond the secret to patience instead of the one to make my bench grow it would probably be easier to find