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Guillotine Press and Shoulder Health?

I Bench like a Powerlifter. Arched back with elbows tucked in. I’ve always benched like this because people said in the long run it would keep my shoulders healthier. Lately I’ve heard people say the guillotine press Isn’t bad for you shoulders either and it recruits more pectorals.

Is guillotine press actually healthier for your shoulders compared to the regular bodybuilder bench press? They both have elbows flared out, the only difference is where the bar comes down so I’m not sure if its true or not. Would it be worth doing?

I like the gironda neck press.
I’ve heard it’s the best thing as far as bench presses go for chest development.
Suppose to be safe, i guess it depends on technique…

I’m not sure than bench like the powerlifter keep safe you’re shoulders, but if you do this exercice for develop chest, it’s not a good idea, usually, the powerlifter havent chest because they move the barbell like this.