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Guillaume_muscu's Training Log

Great to join the forum ! I trained for approx 6 years right now and just come back from an injury at the elbow. I decided to make a training log in order to keep in track my progress.
Not too much time right now i will describe a little bit more my past with this sport in another post. Just coming back from a leg training :(actual bodyweight 148lbs)
Back squat : warm up at 110lbs and 130lbs then
5 @ 180
5 @ 200
3 @ 220 and finally 2 @ 230lbs.

Then dumbell romanian deadlift : 6 @ 44, 6@58, 6@66 and 5@80
Incline leg press : 6@290, 6 @ 330, 6 @ 400 and 10 @ 440
leg curl with dumbell 35 lbs : 3 sets of 10 reps.
walking lunges : with 22lbs dumbells , 2 set of max reps superset with max reps at bodyweight.

Just two month that i’am back at training after a 6 months break.

More coming soon

Unlucky i am, i wa to an football tournament last week and get injured to my left harmstring… won’t be able to workout legs and deadlift for at least 3 weeks … grrrrr
Yesterday chest/biceps workout ; great pump on biceps with light weight and contraction on every reps.

grrrrrrr, unlucky one more time, i just prepared a post with all my history with weight training, spend something like half an hour and when i tried to post it … nothing !
great !

so let’ try again …

I used to play soccer during all my childhood, when i turned 17 years old i was definitely skinny (110 lbs) and started to weight training during a summer. in 3 months i saw some good progress.
at 18 years old i trained during the whole year and grew to 130lbs without taking any supps or protein.

will try to post this one and will go on in another one :slight_smile:

Good work kid.
Do you still play football?

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Yes i still play but just for fun, not in a team anymore…

at 20 years old i started with protein powders and my wieight was stucked at 136lbs.
In 2006, i started to eat 5 times a day and i finally went to 148lbs.
In 2007, a nutritionnist made me a diet and i followed it for 3 months and i reached my maximum weight around 160lbs then i had to focus more on my studies and i’m turning around 150lbs right now but in a pretty good shape (around 10% body fat). This for my background !!!
About Personnal records : i made a deadlift at 340 lbs (not so bad regarding my bodyweight)

more coming soon on training and actual diet …