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Guido Style but Not Quite...




Douche haircuts? No
Throwing gang signs? No
Sparkles? No
Shaped eyebrows? No
Fake Tan? No
Uber-tight undershirts? No
Arm around trashy chick? No
Showing off bottle of Dull Silver Aves? Check

1/8. Not even close.


??? what did I miss


You can walk into a job interview with that hair cut. What's the issue?


Imagine the same picture, but with white guys.

It would look normal.

What I'm getting at, is that this picture just looks like a bunch of (italian?) guys posing. I've seen guido, and this my friend, is not it.



Is that Steve Urkel in the back?????


i thought one of them in the middle was sickabs, i dont get the point of this thread?


Italian guys

my face


???? WHAT? Sorry but I'm thinking Puerto Rican guys having fun. Is this a MOD test??? Did I pass WTF


Thug Life . . . well, not quite..


Wow those guys from Geek squad are getting big


hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! AHAhahahahahah!!!

oh wait...


Is that what a horses nose normally looks like?


^ Kerley.

Yea mother fucker, thats for saying I look like one of those puerto ricans!


If anything they look Cubian or Dominican.




Yeah, Cubian bitch... What?


'Scuse me??


These boys look like some Pale-thugs right here. I should know, a couple of my buddies are Palestinian and try to act like they hood. Ya digg?

Wait for it....wait for it....

DJ Khalid!

We da bes'!


naaaaaaaaaaaa, I'm still thinking its the Puerto Rican Glee Club, Or a Dominican Graduation party either way those are some of the tightest fades, they must have all went to the same barber shop that day.