Guidelines for Secondary Emphasis Exercise?

If I start from the bottom and only do upward strokes, then immediately take my hand off at the tip and re-start again at the bottom, when manually pleasuring myself, does that count as eccentric-less work?

Seriously, though…
It doesn’t seem clear exactly how to: Use the 2nd-ary emphasis exercise nor the eccentricless for legs work.

In the article it says:
Include eccentric-less leg training after your main strength lifts.
Include eccentric-less leg training after upper-body pressing workouts.

But in the workout set up in only mentions eccentrc-less work after the two main lower body exercises on lower body emphasis day…so I’m unsure.

And as for the 2nd-ary exercise (i.e. squats after upper body performance or bench after lower body performance days) I’m simply ramping in the same format on that exercise (with feeler sets, etc) as I would as if it were exercise 1 on its main day…Not sure if this equates to “practice” of that lift, as espoused, or not. Some suggetions would be appreciated.

Also, I love to use the sled for uppper body performance yet see nothing really mentioned in the article or workout set-up suggesting how to use this. I would think it would be a good idea to use it either in place of or in addition to the neural charge workouts. This would seem to speed recovery very well especially if coming after two days of upper body performance emphasis and preceeding 2 days (lower body emphasis) in which you willl include at least one upper body performance exercise.

I’ve been training 18 years and know the concepts of auto-regulation - to a point. And I know thibs uses his own perception of his and his athlete’s performance/recovery as the guideline for THAT DAY’s format.But this format of training and sled work is so new to me its hard to just wing it based on how I feel because I have to past reference points to go off of - most notably with the eccentric-less stuff(besides using metabolic fatigue and, Do I/Do I not “want to do more” 15 minutes after its done self-assesment guidline.

Christian Thibaudeau: @ timmcbride: I didn’t want to overload everybody. Adding eccentric-less work is ALWAYS beneficial. So yes, doing them for the upper body if you can is obviously a good choice.

As you can see, CT didn’t want our heads to explode with information overload, therefore the reason for not quite mentioning upper-body sled work right away. There would be many options IMO in adding upper-body sled work, 1. As you mentioned after the neural charge workouts. 2. After the completion of the upper-body workout. 3. Either early in the day previous to the strength session or in the evening after a morning strength session, depending on what time you train.

As long as you respect the rule of waiting 15min afterwards and keeping with you still having a little left in the tank, as opposed to wanting to puke you should be fine. Personally, i do sled work 4-5x a week, i always feel great the next day and really see an improvement on my lifts during the strength work.

As far as the lower-body lift on the upper-body day, yes, you are correct in following the same ramping scheme as on the upper-body day.

thankz eazy…Thibs answer helps. I just love the sled and want to see how effectively I can use it to enhance recovery and hypertrophy/strength without it interferring with it or slowing those processes down. Much appreciated.

There was a video on the site somehwere (sorry can’t remember what it was called) showing some of the eccentric-less exercises for legs used, if I remember correctly, the ones shown were:

1, for quads and glutes- pushing the prowler with body quite low to ground
2, for quads- walking backwards pulling the prowler, squatting down so your knees are about 90 degrees
3, for calves- walking backwards, more upright, walking on toes
4, for hamstrings- pull throughs
5, for hamstrings- “frankenstein walks,” walking with legs as straight as possible

Hope that helps?

And it was a while ago I watched the upper body one but I remember it included and high and a low row, curls, chest presses, etc.

It’s shown on the lower body page.

Second video from the top. The one where they demo some of the upper body work is from the Olympia training with Daryl.

Actually, I get all the exercises to do and have been doing all these and then some for lower, upper press, lats, biceps etc. I was just uncertain if their was a more distinctive suggestion as to when to incorporate them. In The end I’m going to incorporate incorporate leg work on both leg days and possible on day 6(lats/bi) and/or day 7 (full body neural charge). Upper body on both upper body days (days 1 and 2) and/or day 3 (full body neural charge). Doing this after and sandwhiched b/t a 2nd consecutive day to come with peri-workout nutrition seems to make the most sense to me.

I apologize for beating a dead cat, and hijacking your thread Trayhawk, but for the last 3 months or so I’ve incorporated sled-work with great success. And I want to keep doing that - however, in the future I can only incorporate them in the morning.

I plan my workouts at the moment with the HP mass template, and a few tweaks from the template (all with guidelines by CT in his forum). And add cicuits or whatever according to feel-of-the-day.

Is it better to do ;

a) am sled-work emphazising the pm workout to come+ neural charge workout in the am followed by regular workout for the same muscles in the pm- or

b) NC workout and sled-work emphasizing last nights/afternoon workout, and then having the same days pm workout be whatever it is, and wait until next morning to empasize it.

To re-iterate, is it better to perform sled-work the next morning, or the same morning before workout in pm?

I know it states that :
Include eccentric-less leg training after your main strength lifts.
Include eccentric-less leg training after upper-body pressing workouts.

My (un-educated guess) is next morning, but is that too long to wait for the recovering effects that it seems to have, pushing nutrients around.


On neural charge days is it ok to do sled workout in the morning and neural charge at night? It just happens to be a better day for me to do 2 workouts on NC days.

I wouldn’t do a NC workout at night because of sleep issues

Sorry but im really still pretty confused on when to do the sled work… Ive been looking all over the forum and livespill and just getting more confused. When exactly should sled work be done on Lower body days, after the secondary emphasis or before? When exactly should sled work be done on Upper Body days, before or after secondary emphasis? I wrestle late at night so im limited to only being at the gym once a day.

Thank you

As I understood CT’s message above, it’s do your sled-work when you can get it in, and as much as you can without reaching metabolic fatigue.

What I’ve been doing is adding the sled-work after upper body pressing on the LB days, and straight after lower body pressing on UB days. I however prefer to add the sled as many days as possible. I try to go by feel. I always feel up for sled-work, I should do more NC work though.