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guide to fashion

i figured this would be of interest to many off-topic posters, so i thought i would post this for you.

The Metrosexual Guide to Style:

A Handbook for the Modern Man

By: Michael Flocker

From what to order and how to order it to what to wear and how to wear it, the essentials of “metrosexual” savoir faire.

The old-fashioned, repressed, un-moisturized man has been banished to the hinterlands and a new breed is taking center stage. He is a man of style, sophistication, and security, just as strong and confident as his predecessor, but far more diverse in his interests, his tastes, and, most importantly, his self-image. He may be seen at an NBA game one night and an art gallery opening the next. Able to navigate any social setting, he is informed, influential, intriguing, and very much in vogue these days. He is the new male ideal: the metrosexual man.

So how can the average Joe keep up with this new version of cool? How should he behave, what shoes should he wear, and what CDs should he have in his collection? Answers to these questions and so many other pressing concerns can be found in The Metrosexual Guide to Style. Filled with entertaining anecdotes, famous quotes, helpful hints, dos and don’ts, recommendations and potential pitfalls, this handy guidebook covers everything from dining out to fashion and personal style, home decor to the Metro-mindset. It is the one-stop shop for the impeccably groomed and savvy modern man.

all of this can be had for the low, low price of $9.06 here:

you can thank me later.

New male ideal…

Oh, please, for the luvva Mike…!

How about…

I am so clueless, I need so much attention, I have no sense of taste, I am at the mercy of the book of some dude I know nothing about but yet I will accept his faddish standards to define myself…because I need it so much I am willing to buy a stupid book about Metrosexuality…which, by this action, just proves beyond a doubt that I would not recognize true style even if I tripped over it and further confirms my initial cluelessness and that`s the bottom line and why nobody buys this act I am going to put up.

Thats probably the true title of the book, but it got trashed because its too long, too true and therefore would never sell.

That’s gay.

P-LOGIC: I`d state it that way, but this just wake up once again the gay/hetero debate.

I guess if one wanted to be more politically correct, one would have to say:

I am not gay, but I am still hetero, just not like the others unsophisticated dudes…

(And on a scale of 0 to 100, 0 being all-male and 100 being all-female, adhering to metrosexual ideals automatically gives you a 70 rating, at least. So now theyve got the scapegoat of telling theyre not all female… while at the same time that T-Vixens are probably more balanced than them, and far more revered, at 50/50…)

It sucks. Now the metrosexuals are trying to claim “depth” as one of their things. That’s just wrong.
You can’t have frosted tips and still claim to be “deeper” than everybody else because you also go to an art exhibit.
I like literature (hell I even study it) I like art and apparently like some other stuff that are now considered metrosexual.
As I see it, the only way I can tell that this new “breed of man” is any different from any “real man” is with physical and social ideals they try to live up to. It’s not even the vanity in itself. Most people on this site is at least somewhat vain, or they wouldn’t worry that much about their BF%. The problem with the metrosexual ideal is that it’s basically female.
Nothing wrong with that as such, but to tout it as the “new male ideal” is bullshit, and to claim that “real” culture is something every normal man is uninterested in is insulting and ignorant.


I think the real issue here is P-Dog is doing research on Metros!!

Come to think of it…

Were Victorian guys (or correct me if I am wrong, but that period where everybody was high class, Dangerous Liaisons I think?) da shit? Joe Metrosexual has nothing on them, if class and sophistication are the norm. People dueled for far less than that in these past honorous times.

Even today, Metrosexual`s do half-dicked. Or quarter-dicked if you consider my rating system. ;0)

Either come all the way out of the closet or stay in doesn’t matter to me just quit trying to ride the fence. (lol)

P-Dog’s real name is Michael Flocker and he’s trying to peddle his little gay book to us. He must be stopped.

damn it merlin! why did you have to go and tell everyone. i thought that was out little secret??? wink wink

yes i am changing my name to F-Dog since everyone now knows my name is Flocker.