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Guide/Suggestions for Supplementation

I was wondering if there are any natural supplements (herbs, spices, vitamins, etc) I can take to optimize my testosterone replacement therapy while minimizing side effects and preserving testicular function. I was prescribed 10g of androgel to treat my low testosterone.

However, while on the gel, i developed side effects which i think are estrogen related but unconfirmed by lab tests (not able to get Estradiol checked until my endo appt in September). I heard applying the gel to arms and shoulders as opposed to the abs limits conversion to estrogen but im not sure how true that is.

I don’t like the idea of not taking the testosterone i need so is there any non prescribed approaches I can take that would:

  1. limit aromitase activity (conversion of testosterone to Estrogen)
  2. preserve as much testicular function/size as possible
  3. protect any organs affected by trt (prostate? not sure if trt actually increases or decreases prostate cancer risk from what i read)
  4. limit any other androgel side effects i didnt mention

I came across the following supplements but im not sure how effective these are since alot of the sites had links to the supplement itself: Nettle, Indol 3 carbinol, quercertin, flax seed oil (all considered aromitase inhibitors?), tongkat ali, d-aspartic acid, tribulus (to preserve testicular size/ LH release?), pregnenolone to decrease conversion of testosterone to dht?

I can’t get my hands on any AI drugs right now so any help is appreciated (own experiences/study links/recommended effective dosages etc) and sorry if these are newbie questions but I didnt find any info on this so far.

There is a lot to learn.

Here is the best advice I can give you, read all the stickies thoroughly.

Note that you probably will need AI.

Managing E2 is crucial to prevent prostate problems T is not the culprit.

Natural options

I3C 400mg
DIM 300mg
Calcium D glucarate 600mg

You can’t get LH from any supplements on TRT that would be a SERM, but that is not what we use while on TRT to preserve testicles, you need HCG at 250 IU 3 or 4 times a week.

You have a lot to learn. To answer your bullet points:

  1. Google anastrozole research chemical. There are several good options that work well. Androgel allegedly cut down on a lot of aromatase when they started recommending that it not be applied to the adipose tissue in the belly. You will still have plenty of aromatase to cause issues.

  2. Your only option is hCG. This can be acquired through less than legal means from india, but the legal implications are on you. It will be a battle with your doctor to get this. Most just don’t know it’s significance. Read a lot. Print out Dr. Crisler’s hCG update and take it to your doctor. There have been some optimizations to his protocol, but at least he is a D.O. and not a bunch of guys on the internet that have been dealing with this for a while and have found what works best without any doctor’s oversight. By the end of this journey you will know more about TRT than your doctor.

  3. Monitor your prostate specific antigen (PSA) while on TRT. Get a digital rectal exam despite how much it sucks.

  4. If you are good on the first three, the fourth will take care of itself.

i like both answers…thanks