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Guide Me on My First Test Cycle


I finally decided to start my first cycle. Please give me your opinion about my first cycle.
Age = 25 year
Weight = 190 pound
Height = 6â??3â??â??
Body fat = 16-19%

I am working out for almost 6 years on and off. I gained around 15 pounds in last 3 years. My testosterone level is on lower range when I had bloods test several times, so my doctor put me on TRT (testosterone cypionate) 100 mg injection every week. I was on TRT for 4 weeks, my testosterone got to higher range on my new blood test; however I didnâ??t notice any change in my mood or strength, so I decided to go for a test cycle and after the cycle, stop TRT forever.

cycle :
Week 1-4 = testosterone cypionate 100 mg ( this was for my TRT now I am on 5th week.)
Week 5 â?? 14 = testosterone enanthate 500 mg per week.(250 mg Injection E3D or E4D)
Week 5 â?? 14 = HCG 250 UI 2xper week
Week 15 = HCG 500 UI 2x In a week ( 1 Week rest only with HCG before PCT)
Week 5 â?? 15 = 12.5 Aromasin ED


Week 16 â?? 19 = 100/100/100/50 (Clomid for 4 weeks)
Week 15 â?? 18 = 20/20/20/10 (Aromasin for 4 weeks)
Week 15 â?? 18 = Vitamin E ED