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Guidance Regarding Recent Lab Results

Hello there,

I have spent the past day googling and searching this site in regards to my somewhat high blood values regarding e2. English is not my first language, I am from Germany, so please bear with me.

I have been struggling with a lot of things like my libido, my drive (energy) and my social life since puberty (currently 25 years old). I have been on a long and arduous search as to what the cause of this could be. I have tried quite a few things to get my life in order, but have yet to find anything that actually helps.

I am 1,80 m tall (roughly around 5 11) and i weigh 87 kg. I dont have very accurate bodyfat values, however i am surely average and i train at least 3 times a week (quite muscular and fit). Most of my fat is situated in my thighs, ass and hips.

I have recently decided to finally check my blood values due to knots in both of my pecs, which i have had since puberty (feeling that they might be growing). I am not quite sure if it is gynecomastia. However, these were the results:

Alpha-fetoprotein (IU/ml): < 1,0 (Norm: <6,7)
Albumin (g/dl): 4,3 (Norm: 3,2 - 4,8)
Bioavailable Testosterone (μg/l): 2,495 (Norm: 0,616 - 3,920)
Bioavailable Testosterone (%) 46,99 (Norm: 37,3 - 69,1)
Estrogen (pg/ml): 44,5 (Norm: <39,8)
Free Testosterone (μg/l): 0,106 (Norm: 0,026 - 0,167)
Free Testosterone (%): 2,005 (Norm: 1,590 - 2,950)
FSH (mIU/ml): 1,60 (Norm: 1,40 - 10)
GGT (U/l) 19
GOT (U/l) 25
GPT (U/l) 33
Testosterone (ng/ml): 5,31 (Norm: 2,41 - 8,27)
Ã?-HCG (mIU/ml): < 2,0 (Norm: < 2,0)
LDH (U/l: 195 (Norm: < 232)
LH (mIU/ml): 4,31 (Norm: 1,5 - 9,3)
SHGB (nmol/l): 36,2 (Norm: 9,8 - 42,8)
TSH (μU/ml): 2,91 (Norm: 0,4 - 4,00)

A little more about myself:

I have never taken any steroids. I use a few dietary supplements (started around 1 year ago) but i highly doubt that this is the cause due to the problem being around much longer.
I haver read a lot of forum entries, and due to some of the answers and knowledge in this forum, i feel that maybe, if you were all willing to pitch in, could help me a good deal.
This is quite important due to the fact that the doctors i would visit (where i currently live) do not seem all that competent and i have had a lot of bad luck with doctors in the past.
Furthermore, there is little to no information in my native language (german).

So hopefully, you could give me some advice as to what else i should get tested and maybe what values are not where they should be. I know the estrogen levels are quite high (keep reading something along the lines of around 22).

What would speak for AI (aromatase inhibitors) and/or possible blockers? Could there be other causes for the high E2 values? Also my FSH and my SHGB values are kinda throwing me off a bit.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you all in advance,