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Guidance on My Training Program Please?



I’m new here and hoping to get some feedback on the routine i’m currently following, my own design. To put in to context: I have run a few cycles of Wendler’s 5/3/1 before now as well as bodyweight only and five day splits. My main issue appears to be being able to follow a routine for a prolonged period of time without changing my mind or wanting to try something new. I have tried 5x5 before and loved it and I really enjoy the idea of focusing on one main lift pre workout, hence this routine which I would like to be able to follow until at least Christmas. My thinking in this routine is that to deliver real results, I should focus on three specific exercises for upper and lower body, with accessory work to emphasise one of the main lifts each workout. I have been following this for about 3 - 4 weeks now and I am feeling great and seeing progress. My aims are to to develop strength and build symmetry, with leaning out something I am working on in the kitchen. Size gains would be nice but are secondary to actually being strong and functional to me.

Could I ask people to have a look and give me their thoughts on whether this is a well put together program? Is there anything I am missing or anything you think could be replaced or is unnecessary? Is there enough in terms of exercises per workout? etc etc

Workout A - Upper / Bench focus
5x5 Bench Press
5x5 Overhead Press
75-100 dips
4x8-12 Incline fly
4x8-12 Incline DB press
SS 4x lower leg raise / landmine 180s

Workout B - Lower / Squat focus
5x5 Squat
5x5 Deadlift
50+ Chinups
5x5 Single leg press
4x8-12 Romanian Deadlifts
4x8-12 Calf raises
4x grip work

Workout C - Upper / Press focus
5x5 Bench Press
5x5 Overhead Press
75-100 dips
5x5 Arnold press
5x5 Side lateral raises
SS Hyperextensions / landmine 180s

Workout D - Lower / Deadlift focus
5x5 Squat
5x5 Deadlift
50+ Chinups
5x5 Straight bar row
4x8-12 Rack pulls
4x8-12 Calf raises
4x8-12 Reverse barbell curls

Thanks all in advance.



I would suggest 1) moving this to another forum since it’s not specific to CT and, 2) reading CT’s latest program titled “best damn workout plan for natural lifters”.


Thanks for the feedback, i’ll do both of those things.


" I am feeling great and seeing progress."

-first of all this is all that matters sooo… keep doing what your doing. And yeah flip flopping is not good:

As a small tweak I would add a llittle bit of rear delt work like band pull aparts on one/both pressing days to stop your shoulders getting pissed off


That’s just a discipline issue. Nut up and follow a program for longer if it’s working. So, if what you’re doing is working keep doing it.


I know the feeling, but I have managed to stick with 5/3/1 for six cycles because of the ability to change up templates. I’ve done Tiumvirate, BBB, and BB so far, and that keeps it a little more interesting. It’s hard to internalize how long progress takes, and hitting PR’s often in 5/3/1 makes it easier to see progress. Do you chart or log your PR’s to measure progress? It’s what helps to keep me motivated and sticking to the program.