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Guidance for my Next Cycle


My first cycle has come to an end. HUGE success. Beginning stats:

32 yrs old - have been lifting since age 20. Started at 148 lbs. NO LIE. I was built like a bulimic teenage girl. So, after 12 years of consistent work here’s where I was at the beginning of this cycle:

6’2, 203 lbs 13% BF - ended at 225 lbs, 10% BF. BF measured by a handheld device both times.

First cycle was as follows:

1-12 test e 500 mg/wk
1-12 .25 mg Adex eod
14-18 Clomid pct, 100/50/50/50

I’m not yet through my pct, but I’m starting to get my next cycle planned out. For mid-January 2017.

Now, I’m going to take test and EQ beginning in mid-January. I’ve checked about 15 different forums and I’ve seen about 15 different opinions on what the cycle should look like. So, PLEASE, can someone give me a tried and true layout of what this cycle should look like, PCT included. The mg of test and EQ that should be taken. The amount of weeks. When to stop EQ. How long after I stop the EQ should I take the test. Combine both compounds in one pin or not. And anything else you’d like to add.

Yes, I know this is a large ask, but seriously, there isn’t any consistent information out there and I’m trying to use Anabolics as responsibly as possible. I hate how misunderstood and abused they are. Sucks for the people who can be disciplined enough to use them properly.


The down side to Eq is the undeconate ester. It has a half life of 14 days. In order for your blood t levels to get low enough for pct to start raising your natural t levels it usually takes between 4 or 5 half lives. That is 56-70 days after your last pen before your body can start to respond to the nolvadex or clomid. That being said after you finish the Eq you can run your test e for 4 weeks and then test prop for 2 weeks wich would allow all the eaters to be close to range to start recovery. Your last pin of test will be 42 days after the Eq. Test prop needs 14-20 days to clear enough to begin recovery. So 42+14=56 days. This is at the minimum side but is close enough to start. You could run the test p for a week or two more if you wanted to be sure.

Eq is typically ran for a long cycle 12-16 weeks. Let’s go with 12 weeks for an example. 12+8=20 weeks. (8 weeks = 56days). So you have an 18 week cycle + 2 week wait start to start pct + 6-8 week pct for a long cycle. All in all you are around 28 weeks to run Eq properly.

That being said weeks
1-12 Eq 400-600mg
1-16 test e 500mg
17-18 test prop 150 e3d
21-28 nolvadex 20mg Ed tapering down to 5mg last two weeks
3-18 hcg 250iu 3xper week
1-28 Amiridex .25-.5 taper off through pct

Weeks can be adjusted some guys will run Eq for 8 weeks and like it others say it is pointless less then 16 weeks. Either way running Eq makes for a long cycle because of the long half life and clear time.


This is amazing and far more thorough than what I have seen from other people posting. Thank you for taking the time!

Follow up question, is it ok to load the syringe with the test and EQ?


Yes you can mix the two.