Guidance for HPTA Restart After 3 Years Use?

Hi Everyone,

I’m a first timer on this thread, I have been on HRT for 36 months, want to come off, I’m 32.

I took 150mg-200mg TRT test cyp for this time. I blasted 3 week in early-mid 2018, and took a 2 week cycle of anavar of 40 mg, other than that stayed on the self medicated TRT dose.

I tapered down to the point where my last dose is 25 mg test 5 weeks ago, and started HCG on the same day.

I did 3 weeks of HCG at 1500 IU EOD, then tapered down to on dose of 750 IU and now on 500IU every 3 days( E3D).

Also on 200mcg of GHRP-2 once a day ( I take a week off each time, started this on the last dose of HCG), and 25mg of exemestane( aromasin) EOD, I started this when I started the HCG.

Have clomid/nolvadex on hand incase needed, but not sure when to take it.

So it’s my fifth week of PCT, my questions are :

  • Since I’ve been on TRT for 3 years, aka a unique case, my concern if my HPTA might not come back or take a very long time, what is the correct PCT in this scenario?

Bloods taken 4 week after:
LH - 0 U/L
Test - 22 nmol/L
Estradiol- 45 pmol/L

Help please I’m afraid

Bro stop with the AI, you likely feel like shit & anxiety cos of low e2. 3 weeks after your last shot of test, and right after you stop HCG, start taking Nolva 40/40/20/20. There’s no guarantee you’ll get your TT levels up to normal, but it’s the way to try.

Why are you coming off?

Oh yeah didn’t they find out that those GHRP 2,6, sermorelin, don’t actually do anything?

Was it doctor prescribed trt? Just wondering, also why are you looking at coming off trt if you do not mind me asking. I know I personally have a tough time recovering after a heavy 12 week cycle, but you will definitely want some professional advice from a real doctor to help you through this. Best of luck man.

@ dart2020 Coming off as I made the mistake of going in the first place, I got TRT myself not doctor( yes I know made mistakes), I was lead to believe I was low when I wasn’t and wanted to get jacked plus really don’t want to be touching test the rest of my life. I only just turned 32.

Been to a few doctors, they don’t know what they are doing, even openly admitting " I don’t know much about this" . My country does not know my about this, even the anti-aging clinic I got HCG from don’t know much and you never get to see a doctor in person.

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@ Swoop39

I feel anxiety if I don’t take the Aromasin. My estrogen levels were 114 pmol/L before Aromasin.

The GHRP-2 is for fatigue levels since I can’t function at work well with the fatigue.

But if there are other ways to combat fatigue and anxiety I’m willing to try.

I’ll taper off HCG and start Nolva.

I want to come off since I’m young and don’t want to be on TRT all my life, felt fine before it but just misinformation on my part and did it to get jacked, I self medicated it, no doctor’s guidance( yes I made a mistake, I know)

So this thread will be to monitor my PCT progress.

I have waited 6 weeks to let the test cyp clear out, and used HCG to transition, last dose of HCG was 250 IU( 250 mcg) two days ago

So yesterday started clomid plus Nolva PCT

So 50 mg clomid everyday for 2 weeks, and 40mg nolva everyday for 2 weeks

Then So 25 mg clomid everyday for 2 weeks, and 20 mg nolva everyday for 2 weeks

And reassess with bloods

Waiting time is good if not a bit too long. Good idea on HCG ti bridge.
Clomid and nolva both work the same way, you’re wasting one of them at best. You already have both so take clomid for 6 days and nolva for 25 days thereafter, not sure how much you have. then do bloods.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I’m taking both clomid and Nolva as I need something stronger since I’ve been shutdown for 3 years.

I was told to take both as both Clomid and Nolva work complimentary to each other ( nolva prevents gyno from clomid). But also a strong PCT to start me up faster.

I’m going to do blood next week just to make sure overall health is fine.

There is a reason why I dont use clomid and that is the side effects. I feel sad if I use it. Like i cry easily … I dont have the same problem with tamoxifen though.
You did fine, the hcg was on point, i would do a max of 2.5 weeks. I would do 2 months of tamoxifen though considering you have been on for like 3 years… You are still young should be able to bounce back in 5 months.

Update: So in the 3 week mark I had a blood test done and found I have an LH of 7.0ng/l, free test of 300 ng/L and below 50 of estradiol .

So Fri 8th was my last day of PCT of both clomid and Nolva.

So now how long do I wait until I take a blood test ? Have I done this correctly ?

Kind regards

Same here. Tried monotherapy for fun, didn’t get anything out of it besides sadness and an increase in emotionality

Looking forward to seeing your results. Seems like that’s an excellent LH level right? So in a few weeks you’ll be able to see if that LH level stays there without the help of clomid and nolvadex.

I’ve done the full 6 weeks of SERMs. Clomid 50mg + Nolva 40mg for 3 weeks, then Clomid 25mg + Nolva 20mg for 3 weeks, then 1 week of 12.5mg clomid, last dose finished 6 days ago.

So going to wait for 1-2 weeks and get bloods done.

Thoughts on how long I should wait ?

Find the half life of the clomid, multiply by 5. It’s roughly 5 days x5. So 25 days.

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