Guidance for Fertility During TRT

I am on TRT over a 1 year now and it is time for me to have Inshallah second children.

I plan to use 250 IU HCG once every 3 days

I can buy CHORAGON 5000 IU or CHORIOMON 5000 IU

Which one do you suggest?

Also what else should I use until pregnancy hopefully happens

I prefer to not discontinue TRT

Currently I am using 250 mg Sustanon every 5 days and taking 0.5 mg Arimidex at the injection days

Nothing else

Also Alhamdulillah I have a daughter almost 5 years old

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not enough.

see if you can find HLPC results for either and go with the one which is most accurately dosed.

for fertility, read here:

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purchased 6500 iu ovitrelle
what dosage do you suggest for me?

Read the linked thread, the answers are there - and in much more detail than I would give.

Take care

I believe you would likely need higher doses of hcg in order to regain fertility if staying on test especially at that T dose

250mg of sustanon e5d’s seems a bit extreme to me, how do you feel generally?

I’d be interested to see your labs as apparently even when only injecting 250mg sustanon once every 2-3 weeks, day 3 post injection, levels can be 3x the upper range

I was on 250mg sustanon every 10-12 days and went from having a very good sperm count (40 mil/ml) to zero!!


it is 125 mg e5d so i am splitting 250 into half and making each one once every 5 days

Alhamdulillah I am feeling great

so how about 300 iu hcg e2d ?

what dosage did it take you to regain fertility ?

Lab results are also good Alhamdulillah . I also had tested free testosterone but it never came unfortunately so don’t have that :confused:

Ah okay that makes sense

I actually regained fertility by stopping my TRT and nothing else, however I wouldn’t recommend it

If your looking to stay on TRT personally I would use hcg aswel as 25mg/day clomid to increase fsh

Whatever you decide, wait 3 months before getting a semen analysis. There seems to be people on here claiming they achieved pregnancy after 3 weeks of hcg however I am suggesting these individuals were already unknowingly fertile, as sperm does not develop and mature in that time frame

Another option worth considering for secondary hypogonadism may be clomid monotherapy, this should keep your T levels high enough to keep you feeling okay and will likely regain your fertility sooner, meaning you can also get back on TRT sooner

It’s also very cost effective

Glad your feeling good :+1:

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thanks. i prefer to try first without taking of TRT. so you suggest waiting 3 months on HCG before semen analysis ?

What does your doc say?

Unfortunately in Turkey there is no such doctors. I am purchasing myself from the pharmacy

Yes wait three months for an accurate semen analysis.
I think adding 25mg/day clomid in to the mix would also be a good idea

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yes if this alone fails i plan to add clomid as well

With our first child I went to a fertility doctor. I didn’t want to stop TRT either. He put me on 10,000mg’s / week.

well so far pregnancy sadly didn’t happen

I am taking recently about 300 iu HCG EOD

hopefully will get semen test this monday

planning to add clomid. how much should i add? like 25mg ED?

Im not sure what the relative Clomid dosage is but when my wide and I were trying I was on 10000 IU of HCG


Clomid and HCG aren’t used together.

Your HCG dose is paltry.

Sorry to hear that sir. Hang in there.

What is the goal here? I’m not really up to speed on fertility protocols but want to learn to increase my knowledge base. I don’t think Clomid is helpful if you’re still taken exogenous Test, but I’m open to learn something new.

Agree here. Not sure if it’s your problem but could be.

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the aim is increasing semen production. although i am not sure about the production currently. going to test hopefully monday

i can stop hcg and take only clomid it is fine

someone said 60 iu weekly fsh is good

i can also go that way

it is sold as 450 iu here : GONAL-F 450 IU / 0.75 ML - price is 108 USD

I presume we can freeze it and keep in refrigerator right?

because i would need to dilute it and keep in freezer