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Guidance Dialing in TRT and Avoiding Side Effects

Been on test black market for over two years I’m 50. Feel good but I have no insurance and my doctor when had one was not cool when I told him. I do competitions jiu jitsu
I take any where from 75 cc to 100 inject per week Minimal side effects but my nuts did shrink. Not happy about it But otherwise. Not too many side effect some high BP but I donate blood every 3 months.

No labs. And I am afraid will my nuts disapear ? Will the hcg drops help? I don’t wanna do multple injection a week once a week in easy and cool. I tried to go legit but I lost my job so I have to wait. I feel like I have really benefited. Prior I was hanging around 320. And my doctor would not act but I felt like shit. So that’s how it started. Not sure what I’m asking just need and experienced mentor. My source is on ten things and not just t so he’s kinda no help.

No. If you are feeling good with once a week dosing, that’s fine. Most do once a week injections, unless taking a high dose like 400+mg/week. You’ll need hCG injections for the testicular atrophy, low dose, but even then likely more expensive than your vial of test. You could run it intermittently.

Thank you ideas on dosing hcg how much how often ?

250IU 3x/week will work.
300IU 2x/week will also work.

250IU 3x/week will work.
300IU 2x/week will also work.
I took 300IU twice a week for six weeks and it worked well.

I’m 53 and I self treat.

I recommend you pin 2xweek. Just makes sense to keep levels steady. You should definitely get your own bloodwork. I go thru PrivateMD labs. If you’re not going to see a Doc, then you gotta do the work. Bloodwork twice a year is fine, especially if you keep your protocol steady and dont run a blast.