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Guggul Extract for Low Thyroid

I just had my TSH checked and it was on the low end of low. Before I resort to prescription medication, I am wanting to try guggulsterone Z but I have a few questions. First of all is shopping for guggul extract like shopping for vitamin c, in that it is all pretty much the same quality, or is it like shopping for tribulus in which the purity of most products leaves much to be desired? I notice that MD6 uses guggulsterones from “commiphora mukul” extract. So, if the label states this is it ok or not? Secondly, what would be a good dose to begin working with? I have taken MD6 before but for right now since I am only concerned with my thyroid I would like to take guggul on its own and just evaluate its effects with no other interference. Any suggestions?

Something to add here. I noticed that on an older bottle of MD6, it is listed that 2 capsules contain 200mgs of guggul extract, while on a newer bottle it says that 2 capsules contain 15mgs of guggulsterones from “commipora mukul” extract. What is the deal here? Does one equal the other?

Shopping around for gugglesterones is like looking for a good tribulus. MD6’s gugglesterones are of good quality but I like Clenbutrx’s better. But if your thyroid is that low you should just get a prescription.

On the blood test it states that the range is (0.4-4.2)MIU/ML and mine is (0.6)