Guest Atomic Dog

Since I haven’t seen anybody elses thread regarding this weeks “Guest Atomic Dog,” I thought I’d share a relatable story and get things rollin’.

About two weeks ago, I saw something that will forever leave a negative mark when I think of the gym I train at. I was coming back from the water fountain, when I looked to my right, and saw something that violates every code our shared “iron religion” stands for! There on the “forearm bench”, was an overweight balding male, sporting a yellow and pink spandex outift, being rubbed down by another precariously dressed male of similar stature! I mean they were really lacing into each other! For God’s sake the guy getting massaged was moaning and groaning while repeatingly saying, “that’s the spot, oh no, lower, lower, dig in, dig in.”

Now, I know that might sound as though I’m discriminating against homosexuals but really, no matter what gender or sexual tendency an individual might have, that shit just doesn’t belong in public let alone in a holy place of testosterone enthralled training!

I'm not usually involved in this type of post but I've been waiting to get that off my chest for a while and this last Atomic Dog certainly provided a channel for my discomfort! And yes, despite my tramatic wound, I can give a positive ID for the new "law agency" officials!