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Guess Who This Is?


Can anyone guess who this fine looking Hippie from 1973 is??


Jennifer Lopez?


My guess, based on the mustache- Louie Simmons.


one of the three stooges


That is Archie Bunker's no good son in law...


Bookman from Good Times?


Stop kidding us X! We all know you know what JLo looks like. We saw you at the grammys with her.


Oh Man i guess it was too easy! I sent the prize in the Mail. I just hope Customs doesn't get hold of it!


Whoever he is it looks like he is doing a heavy squat from a walkout with a wide stance, I give him props


The secret has slipped! we finally know who X is!


No wraps or suit either! I guess Tate and Wendler hadn't started efs yet so he had no one to get the stuff from. The caption doesn't say how much it is but it does say "He recently squatted 810 @ 242. Yoda he is not!


Damn! I think your right!


5 plates in 1973 and still training hard, inspiring.


I thought Louie Simmons too based on the stance and form, but this answer is far more amusing.