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Guess Things Have Changed for Fedor


having seen all four fighters personally, Silva, Fedor , Khartinov and Arlovski

I was interested in this card.

Good for Sergei he was in good shape a week ago.

Fedor wow
props to bigfoot.


I don't know why some people have such a blind rage against Fedor. The guy survived what looked like a set-in arm triangle, he jumped into this big guy's guard like it was nothing, went for a kimura sub, went for a leg lock. Fedor's legit even in a loss.




wow kaisermetal, my feelings exactly.

Living in Germany, where MMA is an exotic martial art still, I know a few fighters from other disciplines who don't like MMA yet refer to themselves as martial artists. To them, I usually say they miss a time that shall be known in the future as a golden age age of martial arts, happening right now, under their very closed eyes.
MMA changed so much in so little time. Transcending pure styles, building legends, modern gladiators who sythesised all kinds of classical arts of physical confrontation.

And the biggest name of them all was, to me, Fedor Emelianenko.


I have to check out his shyster's (Finkelstein?) reaction. Probably shitting himself with money-angst.

Dana is a major league asshole for tweeting a :slight_smile:
No class.

I had Kharitonov as a favourite, but man, did Arlovski disappoint.
Much of his arsenal is still boxing fancy schmancy - which won't work against a guy like the russian merc.
Still, I feel for the Belorussian, he must be in a world of shit right now.

As the clear favourites (?) for the next fight day are Overeem and Barnett, this GP remains quite international: Brazil, Russia, USA, Holland.
No wrestlers, btw.


Fedor was a great fighter who protected his reputation the last few years by ducking fights that weren't on his own terms. I can't blame him for that.

The debates about him have been comical.


Well said.


^Agreed. He is part of the old guard of MMA. As is Nog, and, to an extent, Crocop. Any fan that wasn't a total nuthugger could sense the holes in his game, the unorthodox striking based off power shots, the problems in his ground game, and his deteriorating physicality.
The new breed of HWs are coming in, and they more evenly match the skills of their LHW and MW counterparts while adding size and lean body mass.

While it is an exciting time for the HW division, I'm a huge fan of Fedor for his run in Pride. While it's fun to debate "who would win in a fight between X and Y" what people remember you for is your legacy. If he retires now, there'd be no shame in it at all. His time is up, and it was a great run, arguably the best so far.


You can hate all you want, but like Strikeforce almost INSTANTLY did, they started comparing Kharitonov as the new Fedor(no, seriously not by a LONG shot.).

Everyone that comes in MMA will be compared to Fedor, as Michael Jordan to Basket or Pele on Soccer.


Kharitonov will make a GREAT heel before the american audience.

Russia is the best!



MMA is still a new sport. Fedor was captivating in that he was the first fighter to truly give us a glimpse of what a true mixed martial artist looked like, not just a disciple of discipline X trying to adapt. But it should be obvious, I hope, to everyone that the first "great" of any sport is hardly going to be the penultimate expression of that sport.

Enjoy him for what he is and was. Michael Jordan and Pele dominated sports with rich history full of superstar specialized athletes, Fedor should not be remembered in the same light except by people with a revisionist Pride-o-phile view of the sport. Fedor was the future of MMA, and the future is here, and now he's just another top fighter who's weaknesses, which have always existed, will be easier to see.


well said


on a side note, i thought about him making the cut and going to LHW....with his style, i don't see it working out for him. while he wouldn't have the massive wieght disadvantage, most fo the UFC's LHWs are still 2-4" taller than him, and would have him on reach, and possibly speed.

however, what about Arloski? he's a small HW, extremely quick and fast, and he would have the size/strenght at LHW to bully the other fighters...


Dude, his chin is gone. He can't take a punch anymore. He's just like Chuck Liddell: he looks great, his striking is great, his power and speed and athleticism are there, but he can't take a punch.

I hope he never fights again, for his own sake.


I watched the fight with 6 Russians, and they laughed their asses off at Kharitonov's promo. They loved him.


I'm sorry, but I find all of these backhanded complinents given to Emeliananko pretty disrespectful. The guy is in the twilight of his career, and had the most dominant run of any mma'er EVER. There's no such thing as an old-timers league for fighters, and the facts are the guy's now an old-timer. What made him so special is that he made almost no mistakes, and as soon as he saw an opening he had the ability to exploit it immediately. For whatever reason, he did not have that his last fight. Maybe it was just a bad day, maybe he's too old to be the best, shit, maybe his heart's not in it anymore [a la CroCop], who knows? All I know is that to this point the only guy who can even be mentioned in the same breath as him is Anderson Silva, and to me Silva definitely takes a backseat to Fedor.


Barnett is a catch wrestler, so yes there is.