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Guess on BF% and Should Clean Bulk or Cut?

Just a ballpark on my bf % and if I should cut down before trying to get some size, overall how am I progressing . 162lbs

To the untrained eye, some may say between 4 and 80 percent, but being this site as much and as long as I have, I’d say anywhere from 10.645-49.368%. Hope that helps man. Also, where you progressing to and/or from?

I would like to put on overall size, however I think trimming down to 10% or so and then a slow bulk to get the size would be the smarter way to do it rather than going into a surplus at my current bf

I´m by no means knowleadgeable about the subject, but I would say over 16% of body fat. Why? Because I´m a littel bit leaner than you and HAVE that percentage (16%). Can´t say how much on top, but I guess just a little more…(updating: in the avatar I´m 12%)

How you should proceed is a function of your goals. Assuming they (your goals) are primarily aesthetics related, this is the question: What do you want to look like, and when do you want to look that way?

Also, how old are you?

I am 26.I want more definition in my chest mainly and delts. Need my stomach to be a bit more lean. Realistically I would like to be bigger but I know I’ll have to put that aside to get the definition I want.

OK, that’s answers the what aspect. How about the when?

As quickly as I can without sacrificing muscle I have worked for

Your original question was ‘Should I clean bulk or cut?,’ and your stated goal is ‘to get more defined as quickly as I can.’

Seems pretty clear what the answer to your question is.


i see I’m about a week late to the party. But EyeDentist is correct. You are generally happy with your muscularity. You want more definition more than you want more muscle. You want to preserve the muscle you have.

Continuing to lift at a caloric deficit is essentially the only way to approach that goal, particularly when you want to get there ‘quickly.’ If you wanted to get there slowly, you could essentially ‘recomp’, which would be a fat loss/muscular gain process while not really changing bodyweight throughout the process. That would be slower, but could potentially allow you to gain muscle while stripping fat, instead of just preserving fat.

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18 - 20%

no abs means you are no where near 14-15% which is when you supposedly start seeing abs