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Guess My Race

Hey everyone,

Im trying to see what race most people tend to think I look like. So im going to post a couple pictures of me, and you tell me what you think. Its actually a few races, but tell me what you think I mostly look like.

I actually appreciate anyone who takes a serious shot at it. Im trying, as I said, to figure out what people generally think I am with no previous knowledge of me. First one is obviously a little more modern before I cut the hair thats in the second one.

Thanks a lot.

What? Caucasian?

I don’t get it, you look like every other white guy in the US.

Heres a little older one…

Why is this important? Seriously, why?



It’s difficult to gauge without a shoe in your hand.

Definately part troll…not sure about the rest.

400 meter relay!

Not that there is anything wrong with that…

Maybe part White Trash too with those baby Mutton Chops.

I see some traces of Sesame Street with the Burt Unibrow too.

[quote]duece wrote:
Definately part troll…not sure about the rest.[/quote]

OMG that was funny!

I’d guess Cock-Asian?

Joe Dirt.

50% irish

25% german

25% douchebag




Do you mean national heritage or ethnicity?

Race is basically a non-scientific (not any more anyways) term for skin color, or a concept created by white people to stratify people of other ethnicity or national origin.

You are white. Or rather perceived as white and granted the master status and social advantages and disadvantages of being white, no matter your ethnicity.

This is unless you talk differently than a random white guy. Then your master status may change after you open your mouth.

oh yeah… tube steak boogie?? anybody??


[quote]PGA200X wrote:

Or, as they say on 4chan, Bosinian!

you look like a human to me, but I have been wrong in the past so you might be a troll. Not really sure and dont really care.

Can’t tell without a shoe.

You look Welsh and Irish or Scottish.

Now what’s the point?