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Guess My Arm Size


This is meant seriously.

With all those x inch arms threads we've got going, I'd like to do it vice versa.
Post pics of your arms without providing measurements.
Please provide weight and height data, though.

I'm curious how this will pan out.

Here's mine, about 2.5 years ago. Didn't do direct arm training, back then (although the photo shows me doing curls with a triceps bar - was just for shits and giggles).

Here's mine.
5"6 @ 192 lbs.


I think I remember you posting in the 18 inch arm thread a while back so Im gonna guess 18.5 or 19?




lol, nevermind


Id say fattfat's arms look a solid 19.


Lol suppose ill play. Fatty, your arm looks pretty Greg Valentino in that first pic, so imma say your arms around 19.

Whatever, im guessing 16 for yours.

This is honestly like the only Arm pic i have. I wanna say i was around 235 for this (at 5'9)


16.5 akuma;)

And id say yours are 18.5



FF--20 or slightly over


Whatever2k--16'ish, but lean...look bigger than they are


I am insulted!

Where's my challenging gauntlet...


OKay, I'll play.... This is the most recent pic I have (2/8/2011), sorry it's not a better bicep-shot.

To be honest, I don't even know what my arms measure, haven't been near a tape in two years.



Hmm, Stu has a nice tricep flare for size, but im guessing (since he didnt provide the required information!) that his BW is going to be around 200...Ill call Stu for 18s.


Oye FF. Gonna make a deadline when we all reveal are true arm sizes?


FF: I'm guessing 19.5
Whatever: 17
Akuma: I think your avatar is a better indicator of your arm size, but i'm gonna say 18
Stu: 17.5
Synergy: 19 something, very lean though


Hai guise,
sorry for late reply,
was busy training and implementing stuff from the 'How To Not Get Big' thread.

There's no deadline for revealing your actual measurements: it's up the the respective poster to let the cat outta the bag.

No, lol. But I'm flattered.

You forgot to provide height and weight data.
I'd say 17.5", though.
Nope, I didn't have 19" back then. Am super-flattered, though.

Your avatar shows 19.7" gunz.
Dude, now I'm super-duper flattered. But: rrrrrrrrrrrrrong! ahnuld.

You were closest.
Malaka pusti concerning the Valentino comparison, though. Malaka pusti, indeed! :wink:
I'd say you were around 19", back then.


Again, I feel flattered as hell.
But I'm too Alpha to blush.

I had about 17", back then.
My arms have grown some, since then.
Direct arm training for the win. Who'da thunk it, eh? Direct arm training? For the lol!


My guesses are:

FF: 18
Akuma: 18
Syngery 19.5
Stu: 17 only because he's already pretty damn lean.

Can't guess on whatever because no height or weight.

Here's my shot at 6' 230 lbs.


This an old pic.
Gonna see if I can find a better one.



There we go, full shot.
Don't mind my retard pants.

Edit: Lighting is making my arm look way bigger than it is...


Pic never went through...


Stats: 5'10" 190lbs

FF: 18
Whatever: 17
Akuma: 18
Stu: 17.5
Synergy: 20


17??? Dude, I would never have guessed that.....they look monstrous in that pic.