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Guess Arm Size


What would you guys guess my arms measure (and what my weight is if you feel like throwing that in)? I'm not particularly lean, ~16% bf and I'm right around 6'1"

I'll post up what it is after some responses, I ask because I wonder if my arms look smaller or bigger than they actually are and also compared to other pics I've seen. Really just out of curiosity.


Only if you tell me how many fingers I'm holding up.


Other one, funny how it looks significantly bigger in the small avatar pic than in the full size one.


bro you iz swole!


Other one


Lol. 14.5 inches would be my guess. From this one pic you might weigh 170 or so? idk.


Small. Do I win?


I would say maybe 2.5 feet, maybe longer? Just a guess.


Please clarify the sentence...

'I wonder if my arms look smaller or bigger than they actually are'.



You could rock the XXXS Ts though.




really? Looks very small in both


Are you kidding me? you are on a roll with all the hatin this week.

FYI: OP you are obviously takin tehroidz, STOP immediately or your arms will explode up like valentino's.


hey gregron what's it like to have 22 inch arms? god i hate you

so handsome too


Given that my manhood is longer and thicker than your arm, I'd guess somewhere around 3" diamter and 11" length.
Don't worry, though, your body's not done growing until you've reached age 23.

Oh, buggy. You so like to kiss ass more muscular than you are.
There's definitely a trend...


(no homo)


Hard to say but looks about 14 or 15 maybe.


lol, what are yours in your pic?

OP, I'd say ~15 in the large pic, 16in in the avatar


That would give him kingbeef like wingspan if he has any sort of torso width.

I'm going 24-26" tops.


Is this your of coming out of the closet?


god so much lulz