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Gucci Mane New Tattoo


Honestly man why the fuck would you get this shit tattooed on your face like that??

I know Tyson has one. He gets away with it almost cos its a subtle design and he's Mike Tyson. This one on the other hand is the work of a sick mind imho


Fucking hell I just realised he has EA on his neck facepalm


I want an ice cream cone tattood on my face! That's awesome


And why are there lightning bolts shooting from the ice cream?!?! What is going on here?


Before this tattoo there was a story about him checking into a mental hospital or something, too. Not sure if it's true. Either way he makes fun [if dumb] music. The tat fits his persona perfectly if you ask me.


Seems to have a thing for ice-cream cones.


"ice cream ice cream ice cream paint job"


Obviously he sold crack before, and is trying to make it seem that way.


Y'know, when you really think about it it would be stupid not to get ice cream tattooed on your face.



Yanno i know a few people tattoed on the face but i've never seen anything remotely like that lightning bolt shooting ice cream cone!


I feel like David Bowie would approve of that tattoo. Maybe not the "EA" part...


Meh.... needs a muffin shooting fireballs on the other cheek.


Ooold news brah.


It says "Brrr" on the cold to indicate how cold it is. That was a nice touch.


'Brr!' is also one of his favourite ad libs [that stuff rappers say in the background of their bars]. Very appropriate.


Dude, he was on "crazy checks" back in the day so this isnt really surprising.

He also dissed Eminem. Now, I hate Eminem but I know their start power will never compare and some shit isnt smart...

This dude is retarded



It's not nice to make fun of retarded people, guys.


you think tyson has a SUBTLE face tattoo?

wait, your right, I don't see it


And Mike Tyson has a very sick mind