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Guardian Angels = T-Men?


The Guardian Angels made a stop in Edmonton recently to look into setting up a chapter to help curb street violence. For those of you with Guardian Angels chapters in your town, what do you think of them? Looks to me like their ideology is pretty in line with those of T-Nation.




So what the hell is it that they do exactly? I googled them and they just sound like the Salvation Army or something. And they look pretty wimpy in those red berets. Maybe if they wore some kilts...


I read about them in PJ O'Rourke's book "Parliament of Whores". He spent a day with a Guardian Angel group in New York's South Bronx. This was in 1991. It was a cool story. I can assure you they were no Salvation Army.


They started in NYC in the 80's I believe.

They do some good work. They hang out in groups. Always in groups in trouble spots and basically make their presence felt. For example they will hang out on a subway platform late at night. They will walk elederly folks to the bank and make sure they get home safe. They will stand on known drug corners and write down plate numbers. They don't carry weapons, arrest people or attack criminals. They do call the police and give statements if they see a crime. They will defend themselves.

Most commuters were happy to see the Guardian Angels standing on the subway platform with them, especially late in the evening.


How would one know they were guardian angels? They stand in groups, do they have uniforms or something? Signs?


The NYC Angels wore Red berets, white shirts with the logo on them and army boots.

Mostly young guys and girls. In NYC they were nearly always guys from the nieghborhoods they patrolled.




So far as I'm concerned, fucking sign me up!


Sounds like a good cause


PJ O'Rourke is awesome!

Curtis Sliwa who I believe founded the group always used to be on TV and is still on from time to time. He is an interesting social commentator.

While I think the red beret looks goofy and I think their work has been generally positive.


Actually I'd rather have them look goofy with the red beret than appearing like a paramilitary vigilante squad. Years ago that Curtis guy had a hit contract put out on him by Gotti junior. He goes overboard on his rhetoric imo at times but any smart counterbalance to loose-cannon punks prowling the streets is definately not a bad thing.