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Guaranteed Muscle Mass Quick Questions

Hello sir, I’m planning on doing the GMM program posted here in t-nation.
I read some of the older questions and I’ll do the program as with 4 working days per week (2 lower and 2 upper sessions) as I’m used to workout at least 4 times each week, and being 23 years old I can recover from that volume.
The thing is I have some questions.

  1. After the heavier warm-up, how much time do you recommend to wait? Is it fine 90 seconds?

  2. How much time should I rest between sets for the 350 method? I have read 2 minutes is your recommendation. What are the tradeoffs between resting 2 minutes or 90 seconds? Is it better more or less rest time for pure mass purposes?

  3. Any recommendation for tempo in reps?

  4. Finally, how much would you rest for those final lower body exercises ? (split and lunges) Are they more “pump” oriented?

Thank you so much for your time and help, as I really appreciate you posting this workouts in t-nation.
Best, Ignacio.

I don’t like 90 second rest periods. I’d have to ask you, what’s the purpose of resting 90 seconds when 2-3 minuets is optimal?

For tempo, I always suggest a controlled and somewhat slow eccentric, and controlled but powerful concentric.

Once again, 2-3 minutes.

Hi sir, thanks for your quick answers.

I was asking about rest times because I’m used to use 60-90 seconds when doing 10 or more reps. I think most programs are built that way, and a lot of trainers suggest that 60-90 seconds are better for hypertrophy (which I think must not be totally true or false). By the way, I usually use 2-3 minutes of rest only when doing closer to 6 reps or 8 reps with total failure.

I have very good conditioning and cardio endurance right now, what approach can I take to not lose it? (considering I’ll rest more between sets, no supersets, etc).
Is it fine doing around 15 minutes of incline walking at around 110 bpm after workouts?

Finally, do you recommend a diet structure with carb and calories cycling? I know it is very important to have good insulin sensitivity, so I was thinking on this structure:

-Monday: Lower Body 1, Training day calories
-Tuesday: Fasting until lunch (16 hours aprox), 70% training day calories
-Wednesday: Upper Body 1, TD calories
-Thursday: Fast again, 70% TD calories
-Friday: Lower Body 2, TD calories
-Saturday: Upper Body 2, TD cal.
-Sunday: No fast, just a rest day with family, 80% TD calories.

The main idea is to gain muscle while minimizing fat gain, so I’m doing those fasting days to improve insulin sensitivity and concentrate calories on training days. What do you think about it? How would you improve it? Macros Would have at least 1.25 g of protein per lb of BW and the rest between carbs and fat (more carbs than fat though, I just feel better with carbs).
I’m sorry for the long post, but I seek help from you because I trust your knowledge.

If you’re trying to improve slin sensitivity then some fasting will help with that, but you can also add cinnamon and apple cider vinegar to your diet as well. Grapefruit will help too. I would also focus all of my carb intake in the peri and post workout time frame so that you’re not secreting much insulin the rest of the time.

Thanks for the answer. As my main goal is hypertrophy, is it not better to have some extra carbs besides those peri workout? I have read that it helps to improve mTor response via a higher insulin response.

Finally, do you think it is better for those non training days (considering muscle growth), to have or not breakfast?
I mean, having protein earlier (comparing to fasting) would help to trigger protein anabolism earlier and reduce protein breakdown, however I would lose the fasting benefits. I train early in the mornings, so at breakfast time more or less 24 hours have passed from the previous training session. I just don’t know which option is better.
Thanks again for your time and good disposition, Ignacio.

You are overthinking the living hell out of this. You’re literally overthinking every single aspect of what you’re doing.

Push the carbs peri and post workout. Protein and training are more responsible for turning on mTOR. And you don’t want to be turning it on all the time. You want to turn it on selectively, which fasting will help turn off by turning on AMPK. This is a good thing.

yes you are right, I usually overthink everything.
Thanks for your advices!

I found on your IG “landmine hack squat”. I don’t have leg press. Do you think it is good idea to replace it with landmine hack squat or step ups?
Thank you

Well if you don’t have a leg press you’re not actually replacing it.

For quads I like those and heel elevated trap bar deads for people without access to a leg press.