Guaranteed Muscle Mass, No Deadlifts?

I am loving Guaranteed Muscle Mass. One question I had is why are there no deadlifts off the floor? I was thinking of throwing them in on the second lower body day but I wanted to get your take on it and how it works with the over-warmup, the max and the 50% set. I was thinking of throwing them in but just leaving out the 50% set and seeing how I do with it. Other than that, I love it. Also I have added in some extra trap work on the upper body days because I want to get massive traps and because I believe upper back work has some nice carry-over to deadlifts. Anyway, thanks again, huge fan.

I don’t throw in deadlifts because I don’t like them as a mass builder. What area are you building them with? Well, the deadlift is really two movements. A push off the floor, which is a lot of leg drive, and then a pull over the knees, which are the thoracic extensors.

The tension is distributed over too much musculature to really hit one area really hard. Plus, the deadlift is really taxing to the nervous system and causes huge inroads to recovery. If we’re talking muscle mass, and you’re not competing in powerlifting, there’s just no real reason to have it in IMO.

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