Guaranteed Muscle Mass Frequency and Intensity Questions

You know what, I used to eat much less fat in my post workout meal (virtually none).

However my current macro target has me eating about 115 g of fat or so a day, and I’m finding it very difficult to hit that number consistently. I have no problem getting carbs and protein in (I tend to go a little overboard with the latter actually, always eating about 10 g more than the target), but fats always lag behind.

I’ve gone as far as adding 2 tablespoons of olive oil to my lunch, but I still need to sneak some fat in.

I would love to hear some tips from you about this. Would it be useful if I provided an example of one day of eating?

Just add more olive oil to any of the other meals. Or use coconut butter for cooking your protein in.

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Didn’t think this warranted a new thread- what would you suggest as an alternative to the leg press? (train in a home gym)

Normally front squats. That’s what I do if I am not at the gym and it’s not a skwat day.

hey Paul for the guaranteed muscle mass program can I replace dumbbells rows for the 350 method with hammer strength high rows, chest supported tbar rows or seated cable row ? are any of these fine ? I felt a slight pull in the shoulder is do decline bench press okay for replacing barbell bench or flat hammer strength bench press or Dumbell flat bench ?

Absolutely. If something hurts or doesn’t feel mechanically efficient you never need ask permission to swap it out for something else that feels better.

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okay great thank you so much , can I replace dumbbells rows for the 350 method with hammer strength high rows, chest supported tbar rows or seated cable row ?

@travis_92 didn’t you just receive your answer??? :thinking:

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I’m afraid it might be a language barrier thing

HI Paul, sorry to bother ya.

We talked about pull-ups in this thread, and since I’m currently doing them and didn’t notice any improvement in my Pullup strength despite having dropped some weight, I figured I’d post a video to get advice on form. I notice that, despiste it’s often said that you have to keep your core activated to prevent energy leaks, I find it hard to stay tense because I can’t concentrate on the movement if I have to think about contracting this and that… Guess I might just be weak though.

Here’s the video

Any cues? How’s it look?

You need to grease the groove with pullups. I’ve seen this a million times - if you don’t do pullups frequently, you won’t be able to do a lot of them. It sounds straightforward so I’m not trying to state the obvious here - there’s just not a lot of carryover from other exercises. People do lat pulldowns and rows and one arm pulldowns and all sorts of things thinking it will help their pullups when in fact they need to just be doing a shitload of pullups.

I can bust out about 25, and do a few with 90 lbs hanging from me, and that’s being 6’4 with particularly long arms.

Pick a number and do that 3-4 days a week. Start with 50 pullups. Even if you do a set of 5 every hour for 10 hours, get that number.

Paul is absolutely correct - if the idea here is pure hypertrophy or something other than just being able to do pullups, then there are plenty of other ways to do it. I know people with bigger backs than me who can’t do half the pullups I can do. But if you want to do a lot of pullups in one set, you have to do a TON of pullups.

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100% agree with this.

Don’t want this to come across as a call out but I would very much like to see a video 25 chins? I would consider that very impressive and I’m interested to see what they would look like Rom and form wise.

I consider myself pretty good at chins, I’m thinking I could maybe hit 25 close hand (looser form than normal) certainly not wide though.

Yeah! I’m going to the gym in about an hour, I’m doing 5/3/1 bench (3/3+ week) before going on to Chins. My sets tend to top out at 20 after I’ve done upper body work beforehand but I could definitely give 25 a go, ill post the video here if you’d like.

We are talking chins, like underhand right? I could also do quite a few neutral grip but overhand are tough on my shoulder, as I had a labral tear a while back.

Nice one, like I say it’s not a “I don’t believe you” call out just interested in seeing it!

Any grip would be impressive!

Dude it’s the internet you really shouldn’t believe anything without a video. I’m happy to do it. Gimme a couple hours and I’ll post it here.

Edit: guess there’s a new thread for this, it’s in the “Bigger Stronger Leaner” forum, I didn’t bitch out and not post!

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sorry but what mean the 70% AMAP sets ?