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Guaranteed Cure for Racism


This will be the first and probably last "religious" thread I will start here.

We are going through the most horrifically challenging trial of our lives. If it we're not for my faithful risen Lord and my loving brothers and sisters in Christ I would be unable to bear up under the crushing pressure of this season of exceedingly hard providence.

Last Sunday I was on my face at Church beseeching God for wisdom and strength to get us through this in a way that is pleasing and glorifying in His sight. I wound up with other men of God laying their hands on me and praying with and for me for quite a while. This church is deep in the heart of the Detroit ghetto (Grand River and Schoolcraft) and 90 plus percent black. These people could not possibly care less what color anybody is except red, covered in the blood of the lamb.

Unlike social temples of political idolatry like Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ, here we have nothing but the pure Gospel of repentance from sin and living the life of the risen Son of God. That transforming power simply does not allow for idiotic pettiness revolving around somebody's anthropological origins. We love each other because He who's name is above every name first loved us and sacrificed Himself for us. Let there be a revival of the true Gospel of God across this land and we will witness how He who commands light to exist and is Himself the light of the world chases away all darkness including the abominable scourge of racism.

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Easier said than done.

I support the sentiment.


I will no doubt be slammed for this but...

I don't pray because I don't know who is Thy Creator as imo no one does. I do believe in an energy that created the laws of physics as such which paved the way for life in the universe.

People have been praying for a long time and what do they have to show for it besides their own comfort? Has praying to a God helped the human race? We don't know. What I do know is that I don't believe in the old story of Adam and Eve and the rest of the story and nothing bad has ever happened to me. "Just wait til you die and you judgment comes" That's easy to say because no one knows what happens when you die. I'd rather live my life and not worry about some religion somebody else made up.

I think religion keeps your eyes off the prize. While you are worrying about being a good person others are lying, stealing, killing, misleading and getting mega rich doing it. Do you really think the people responsible for the economic crash or world wars prays and fears a God? Life is not a movie. The bad guy doesn't die in the end. Quite the opposite is true. Good people fall behind and suffer.

I do not disagree with your position as a religious person. I just have a hard time believing in religion.




To get rid of racism you must first get rid of collectivism


In theory, that would be sufficient. If there is no collective identity, there is no racial identity, and therefore no racism.

However, this is impossible. Collective identities will never go away.

A better solution is to nuture an overarching identity as a member of a species created in the image and likeness of God. This is what Religion teaches, often with great success. This super-identity, when properly nurtured, sweeps away all lesser divisions that prevent the unity and harmony of the human race. Tiribulus is right on point.

That said, Tiribulus, perhaps times would not be quite so hard if you didn't actually live in Detroit.


Why does this need to be done with religion? You could cut off the sentence right here: "...identity as a member of a species."


Our parents should have taught us all to judge the individual, It's really that simple.


If you want to, sure, you can cut it off there. I, though, do not believe that humanism has that much of a capacity to effect social change. It is too easily perverted.


This is a joke right? As long as there are different races there will be racism.


Funny how right wingers are typically both religious and racist. Arent they technically called the "Christian White Knights of the KKK"?

This whole "Well the whole world would be a better place if everyone were Christian" nonsense is nonsense.


As long as there are politicians there will be racism.


to get rid of racism first you need to get rid of NASCAR and sprinting, because you cant have racism without races. I guess marathons will have to go too.


Tiribulus is right.

Racism is ugly, and the easiest way to get sucked into it is to dwell on classifying people by category. The best way to get out of that mindset is by doing something where race doesn't matter, with all kinds of different people, so that your own common sense and practical experience will stop you before you start believing bullshit.


Right wing in what regard?

Certainly not politically.

(notice the very strong political ties to the democratic party?)



LOL. Yup, KKK is about as liberal as you can get.



When you actually believe that all men (and women) are created in the image and likeness of God, and, that said image and likeness has nothing whatever to do with physical characteristics, racism is defined out of existence before as a defining presupposition. That is the Christian doctrine and anything else is a perversion of biblical truth.


It does however explain a lot, because if we are just like Him, He is just like us.

Thats bad.


@ephrem (and Mr.Kubrick)

GREAT post.

We have to overcome (monotheistic) Religion and similar cursed scourges to get rid of racism.

The OP's post is a slap in the face of humanity.