Guaifensin and Ehedrine HCL

so check it, it’s finally time for me to diet down! whoohoo!! put on about 20 lbs using massive eating, and i’m loving it! summa’s here and i’m ready to get nekkid!

so… since ephedra has kicked the bucket, i need a very potent eca stack.

i was looking around, and i found some shit that had ephedrine hcl plus Guaifensin.

what the hell is this stuff? what will i die from taking it? cuz if i take 3 of these pills a day, i’m gonna be getting 75mgs of ephedrine throughout the day as well as 600 mg of Guaifensin.

i really don’t wanna die, i just wanna be HOOOGE and ripped. =)

thanx y’all.


Guaifenesin thins the mucus in the air passages and makes it easier to cough up the mucus and clear the airways, allowing you to breathe more easily. It relieves the coughs of colds, bronchitis, and other lung infections.

Guaifensin is an expectorant…just helps clear our garb from the lungs and resp system. You can get ephedrine HCL straight go to and search for it and look on the advertised site onthe right. Find the best price. But i would highly recommend Hot-Rox. I have used both and although i did not feel as energetic with Hot-Rox i did have a better mood, no withdrawal and i gained 2 lbs of muscle instead of losing two like my Ephdrine exp… THe ehpedrine and caff. did help me lose more water weight though, but not worth that 2lbs of muscle. Good luck getting HYUUGE!

JonJon…guaifensin is a cough expectorant. It was put in ephedrine for two reasons I know of: 1. If you tried to OD on ephedrine or took way too much by accident, there is a good chance the guaifensin would make you vomit it up first before it would be fatal. 2. The inclusion of guaifensin makes it harder for meth-heads to make methamphetamine in their bathtub and kitchen labs.

In the correct doses, the ephdrine you are talking about it cool to use.


They put “G” in the mix so you can’t break the ephedrine down and make it into speed and sell it on the street. It won’t hurt you just may make you a bit jittery. I would stack it with some aspirin and caffeine though.

Its an expectorant used in the conjunction with the ephedrine to treat asthma attacks, improve the production of coughs, and increase bronchial dialation.

You’ll be fine, if you notice the dosage on any of these (Primatene, etc.) recommends taking 2 tabs (25 mg Eph HCL, 400mg Guaifensin), followed by two tabs every four hours as needed.

Of course it’ll depend on the dose but I think most are 12.5 mg Eph and 200 mg Gua per tab.

Pop a caffeine pill with two tabs and you’re good to go.

It’s an expectorant (like the stuff they put in cough formulas to make you spit up the junk in your lungs). It’s put in solely to thwart speed labs; they convert ephedrine into meth, but the presence of the added ingrediant supposedly thwarts their efforts.

I believe it to be benign, though I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on TV. I’ve used similar products on and off for over 8 years, and I’m still upright and chewing solid food.

if you want ephedarine go to the gas stations or conveineince stores. they
have that shit at the cash register…
but i dont care for the stuff.


Have you tried Hot-Rox? I’ve found it to be a great fat burner w/o losing muscle, and no jitters like ephedrine and ECA.

Saw some selling on ebay for good prices…

I read somewhere that the “G” lessens the effects of the ephedrine HCL. cant remember where now… Anybody have any thoughts on that?

If you do a search on guaifensin, there are actually some interesting studies of ppl using extermly high doses for cleansing.

Just thought I would add that.