GT's Powerlifting Log

Gonna have a 2nd go at keeping a training log. Last time I did I got injured a couple of weeks in and the never got back to it when i started lifting again.

I’ve had a pretty bad time with training since my last meet in June 2016, my lifts are about where they were at that meet (deadlift currently much less due to sciatica pain).

I was planning on doing a meet this June but am going to withdraw and instead do one in November.

At least for now i’m going to be running a 531 program starting with very light training maxes (especially for squat and deadlift), focusing on form and bar speed and gradually ramp up as November approaches.

Yesterday was my first squat session of the program did:

Squats: 265lbs x5, 305x5, 345x5, 265 5x5
SLDL: 225 5x4
Leg kickbacks: 50 reps
Machine rows: 70 reps
Flat DB press: 65lbs 80 reps

I’ve laid out my program for next 10 weeks which I start on Monday so today I decided to try out a OHP day of the krypteia program from the new 531 book (I’m not going to lay out all of what I did). I went too light on the assistance so was done in 20 mins but did press for 140x5 followed by 115 5x5.

Looking forward to starting the new program next week and making some good progress

OHP today, pretty straight forward session:


110 x5, 130x5, 145x5, 130x5x5 (band pull aparts between sets)

Kroc rows 100lbs x35
Strict rows 80lbs x25

I think i’m going to try to work on the 100lb kroc rows for a while and see how many reps i can get up to, haven’t ever really worked on these before.

Finished with alternating KB swings (45lbs) and decline bench (165 lbs) for 72 reps on each.

Horrible session today - deadlifts really felt off again - annoying AF. I try to spend some time every night doing some exercises a PT gave me to do but not seeing any benefit from these yet, but i guess all i can do it keep plugging away.


315 x5, 365 x5, 405 x5, 365 5x5

Leg press: 50 reps

Incline DB Press: 65lbs x 50

Back extensions: 70lbs x 45

Went to the gym to finish off the squats I missed earlier this week, was pretty sore and aching from yesterday’s workout but still managed to have an ok session:


285 x5, 325 x5, 365 x5, 285 10x5 ( the last few sets of the 10 of 5 were tough)

I wasn’t planning on doing any assistance but as I went light on assistance yesterday I decided to do some press and pull.

Did flat db press 75lbs x 65 reps

Kroc rows (chucked some straps on and unleashed my frustration) 100lbs x 50 reps, was quite pleased with this as only my second time doing Kroc rows.

Todays session:


105 x5, 120 x5, 135 x5, 120 5x5

Pull ups x 50

Incline bench 155 3x10
RDLs 225 3x10

Single arm skull crushers & ab crunches x 60 each

FINALLY had a half decent deadlift workout for the first time in almost a year!! Felt really good to move decent weight again.

I got to the gym early today so decided to spend much more time than usual getting warm and actually dd a few sets of squats up to 295.

Then moved on to my deadlifts for the day, i pulled semi sumo as i think this is the way i’m strongest at the moment, did my working sets as follows:

295 x5, 340 x5, 385 x5

These felt much better than they had done in the past so i decided to up the weight and see where i could get to, i guess these would be jokers considering i’m currently running 531.

Did the following:

445 x2, 505 x2, 555 x4

The last set was ugly but not far off my best ever (did 605 x3 about 8 months ago).
I think if i work on my semi sumo technique i could improve this some in a shortish time frame.

Did some conventional back offs: 340 5x5


Incline DB press 65s 5x15, alternated with band pull aparts.

BB Rows: 185 x 10,10,15; 135 x 25

Let kick back machine 4 x 10.

Bench today, decided to do some heavy doubles after my main sets again today after how yesterday went, and again glad i did. I’m planning to do the same for squat and press the week after next as well.


175 x5, 205 x5, 230 x5
275 x2, 295 x2, 315 x2
175 x 10x5.

Strict DB rows, 85lbs x 10x7 (alternated with my drop off sets on bench).

Back extensions: BW x 4x12
Side lateral raises: 40lbs 4x10

Dips: BW x 3x10
Curls: 35lbs x 3x10

I think the 315 matches my life time best on bench. The bench i was on was kinda slippery as was my shirt which was affecting my leg drive otherwise may have been able to grind a 3rd.

Final week of my first cycle with Squats today. They felt pretty tough, I’m thinking (hoping) this is due to the deads I did on Friday, the weight wasn’t heavy but just more of a struggle than I was expecting. The AC also wasn’t on properly in the gym so I was drenched by the time I’d finished warming up and felt a bit light headed…anyway

Squats: 305 x5, 345 x5, 385 x5
305 x10x5 (these were killer!)

Took assistance easy just did bw dips alternating with hanging leg raises, 66 reps of each.

I do like the way 531 assistance is now accounted for with flexibility on the day to determine how much to do. In the past I’ve over thought assistance and been too pig headed to not do what I had laid out even when feeling beat up on the day.

Todays workout:

Deadlifts: 345 x5, 380 x5, 430 x5, 380 5x5

Bent over rows: 225 4x12

Alternating push press (115 lbs) and KB swings (50lbs) 5x10 on each.

My back was giving me trouble on deadlifts again. I’m considering switching my deadlift sessions up so that im only doing sets of 2-3 on deadlifts and doing more on a variation that i find more comfortable (RDLs or box squats maybe) - will have to give this more thought though.

Wasn’t planning on working out today but decided to do some speed/ technique on squats and deadlifts.

I was playing around with a slightly narrower stance on both which felt pretty good so I’ll try to implement this on my main work going forward.

Also really tried to focus on getting tight and keeping spine neutral on deadlifts, the pulls felt slow giv n the weight but much less stress on the back, so will also try to keep this up.

Finished up with pat pull downs and bw back extensions

Worked out with my buddy at his gym today, was kinda nice trying out a new place.

Bench: 205 x5, 235 x5, 255 x5, 235 5x5

DB Rows: was going to go light on these but as this gym had DBs above the 100lbs i usually have access to i decided to give the 115s a try.

90 x10
115 x10, x20, x13

CGBP: 185 3x12

So I’ve decided I’m going to try and drop some body fat. I haven’t been able to stick to this since i started training for powerlifting (about 3 years ago) but feel now is a pretty good time as i’m a ways from my next planned meet and am not focusing on 1rm strength for the short term as i try to rebuild my lifts, heres the plan:

Current BW 231.5lbs on waking, 20ish% BF.
Current calories are c3.3k-3.8k and my maintenance seems to be about 3.4k.

So i’ll start with 250g protein and 3.1k cals a day (primary targets) then aim for 20% from fat (70g) and get the remaining cals from carbs (secondary targets as if i get more from fat than this and less carbs, so be it.

If at the end of the week i have lost a lb or more i repeat the next week, if not i’ll drop cals by another 100 a day.

From this article: How to Stay Strong When Dieting

I don’t want to set any hard goals for this at the moment as i need to get a feel for it first and see if its something i’ll want to stick to and works for me.

Today i was pretty spot on with cals, a little over on prot and fat and under carbs, got pretty hungry at times but doable. i timed a good chunk of carbs around training so felt ok for that.

Todays workout:


295 x5, 330 x5, 375 x5
As planned did some jokers, singles: 395, 420, 445, 460. These felt ok, a little heavier than i would have liked but didn’t have to grind.

295 10x5 (Brutal!!!)

Finished up with some machine rows (50 reps) and machine chest press (60 reps).

Did deadlifts on Thursday, stuck with semi sumo stance (pretty sure this is how I’m strongest at the moment).weight was light but moved really well so i was please with that, only negative from the session was I must have dropped a plate or something on my phone as the screen smashed when i went to pick it up, upside I now have a much better phone. :grinning:


415 for 6 singles 1 min rest.
RDLs 315 4x5, 1x20

Leg extensions 50 reps
Seated rows 5x10
BW dips: 10,15,20,15,10

Friday Bench:

195x5, 220x5, 250x5
195 10x5

Lat pull downs 3x12
DB rows 85 2x15
Hanging leg raises 80 reps
Tricep ext 40s 3x10

Did my weekly weigh in this morning and was 230.2 so will keep cals the same this week and try to stick more strictly to it as I was a bit over some days

No much exciting from my press and deadlift workouts last week.

Did my light deadlifts then have decided to my supplemental work with RDL: (335 4x5, 1 set of 21).

Did some GMs on my press day for the first time in a while, i think i might start to incorporate these more in my assistance work.

Today’s workout:

315 x5, 355x5, 395x5 (beltless)
315 10x5. This is the last week i’ve programmed the 10x5 FSL, i’ll be happy to see the back of them for a while.

Ended with BW dips and light pull downs.

weighed in at 228.2 on sunday so will keep cals at 3100 for another week.

This is the last week of my second anchor of current 5/31 everything is feeling good although i’m thinking i might try something different for deadlifts as reps are really tough for me to do atm.
Currently i’m considering alternating between a speed day then heavy(ish) the next week and get majority of volume from other exercises that feel better for my back… tbd

Workouts from this week:


Bench: 205 x5, 235 x5, 260 x5
Bench: 205 5x10 supersetted with DB rows 90lbs 10x10

felt like this was enough for the day.


Was feeling really tired all day and was pretty hungry when i got to the gym. Usually i can get good workouts in even when feeling crap but really couldn’t get going so did my main work and called it a day, will get the rest of the workout in over the weekend.

Deadlifts: 345 x5, 385 x5, 445 x5

I’m wondering if the reduced calories is starting to have some effect on my training, will keep an eye on this…was down to 226.2 yesterday


Press: 125 x5, 140 x5, 155 x5, 140 5x5

Pull ups 10x8

Decline bench: 205 4x10, 1x22

Grip work

Bodyweight was down to 224 over the weekend, i am aiming to get to 220, hold there for a little while then slowly regain back to 230-235 in time for December meet.

I’ve also been going through the forever book to sort out my next program, and will be doing the 3 day a week strength and volume leader and a full body anchor (also 3 day a week split). Never tried 3 day a week before so wanted to give it a shot to see how it works out for me. A buddy from the gym who is an old time powerlifter has been telling me for a while dropping to 3 (or even 2) days week would really help my progress so i’ve finally decided to take his advice.