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GTG For Strength


Since some T-Nation members are asking for grease the groove program for strength,here are main points-
1.80-90% of 1rm
2.never lift to failure
3.never do more than 5 reps

1.train as often as possible while staying as fresh as possible
2.train every day or better chop up your daily workload into many sessions

1.maximize your weekly tonnage with heavy weights
2.gradually build up both the volume and the intensity
3.monitor your fatique level and back off accordingly

1.concentrate on basic complex exercises like snatch,clean&jerk,squat,deadlift,bench-press,etc. and avoid assistance work

in this program frequency is more important than volume.do not overtrain.i had great success incresing my deadlift from 200 lbs. to 410 lbs. in 10 months on this program while maintaining same body weight. i also increased my power clean from 130 lbs. to 210 lbs. in 6 months on gtg.i had poor success with bench-press which went from 195 lbs. to 230 lbs. during 18 months,but bp is my weakest lift.its great program and i recommend it to anyone with enough time to do it!
long live T-Nation!!


This is great! I actually found the article on dragondoor, but it was lacking the numbers that I could expect to improve by. So thank you for those!

Actually, the reason I got interested in GTG is that I'm about to get a job as a personal trainer, so I will have access to weights all day long, and I wanted to take advantage of that.

Thanks a million!


with the GTG for strength program, what is the recommended protocol for a warmup?

additionally, if you decide to grease the groove for the bench press, are additional rowing movements also recommended?


1) warm up then do your gtg sets FIRST. Simple. You do not ramp up weights for gtg - just get stuck in.

2)Wont hurt to add some extra rows.


Thanks, supermick!