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I've only played it for an hour, but so far so good.

How are my fellow t-gamers finding this game?



I no longer personally own a PS3 and so I cannot buy it for myself, but I would do horrible, horrible things to buy it myself. I have limited time within the day to play it, so most of my time is spent firing through the missions as fast as I can, there are some incredibly fun missions in this one.

I really like almost everything about it, very few things that annoy me.


Made a billion dollars in sales in three days. Seems pretty popular.


I know nothing about video games but I did see a kid go into a computer store in a local mall (I'm back in Winnipeg for a vacation) and come out with the game, he didn't even need to wait in line or anything.


Now projected to take $5billion once realeased on all formats!!

I think this could well be a watershed moment in modern media. Every major Hollywood studio and media corporation will be taking a long hard look at their business models after this.

Haven't played games for years but saw some of the trailers and really taken aback at the scale and cinematic element of this game...


GTA V is awesome. I'm about 12 hours into it (4 hours with each character) and only 1/3 of the way through the main story. The amount of freedom, and the amount of the things to do are amazing. It's the best GTA so far, and definitely in my top of 5 games of all time. I don't have time to write a huge review, and I don't want to spoil much for you guys, but any man who loves video games will most definitely love GTA.


I just watched a video on facebook of a guy running around punching people in the game and driving a tractor and now I see why I shouldn't get a game system...I would be happy to just do stuff like that for 50 hours straight every day for a year.


How do?


I haven't liked or bought a GTA since GTA III but this one takes the cake. The whole game is great and every time I switch to Trevor and he's drunk in a dumpster or on the side of a bridge I get a good laugh.


Oh you mean the likes of EA games who hoover up quality games companies and force them to make sub-par games of absolute ground breaking games? Crysis comes to mind, as does Battlefield.

Rockstar have this thing called pedigree, time and the skill to pull games like these off. Hollywood and the likes of EA do not have these qualities.


Hey, if it's something you love you make the time.


This game is as all that I was hoping for and more. I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for this since the first trailer came out TWO YEARS AGO!!

I can see they've combined elements of red dead, max Payne and even manhunt into this game while still keeping the gta feel of things.

Visually it's stunning. The attention to detail is incredible.

And whoever mentioned Trevor are spot on. I can't remember ever lol'ing at a game but he has made me laugh more than a few times. I know I'll still be playing this game this time next year.


Why did you just pick the two best games EA has to offer?


They don't think it be like it is but it do.


ohh fuck excellent usage of that quote bhahaha.


Because those games are pathetic in comparison to what they were and could have been.

Ever played Crysis when it came out? It was ground breaking and became a hugely successful mod heavy game thanks to the game engine. Crytek sold out to EA and gave us some POS Crysis 2 that was nothing like the Crysis I knew of.

Battlefield is a PC game turned into a console lite game because the sales people wanted it to be that way. The maps resemble this.


The heartfelt final moment between Trevor and Patricia is a moment I will treasure until the end of time. It's a golden piece of GTAV history.


Still hating you


How far have you gotten now Derek? Have you got the minigun and jumbo jet plane yet?


Despite being the proto-hipster, Trevor is hands down the most entertaining GTA character ever.