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GTA: San Andreas Tips?

After a stressful few weeks of work, I am delighted for the long weekend to be here. Weather is gorgeous outside, football is back and I am killing a little time (and a few punks) in GTA: SA. I am fairly early on in the game, but there is one thing that seems to be eluding me… how the heck do you make any money??? I feel like I never have enough cash and have to hand out random beat downs on the street to scrounge up a few bucks. lol

Just wondering if anyone had any tips (besides cheat codes).


Kill your own guys over and over for money and guns. Thats all I know. heh

Kill crack dealers. They’re the guys in the gray-ish jeans and black wife-beaters with black beaner caps and gold chains. They give you like $2k every time.

Yeah, after lurking for months, I have finally decided to come out of hiding because of…drumroll…GTA pointers.

Play some missions, money will come with time… The easy money is betting on horse races on machines…Just bet on the last one…