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GTA Area Knowledgeable Low T Doctors?

Just wondering if anyone knows a knowledgeable doctor for LOW T. I cant get a doctor to check anything more then total T and Free T. wondering if anyone knows a doctor anywhere in the GTA. Or am I better off seeing a private mens clinic, like Dr. Komers? Any suggestions would be helpful

thank you

Private is your best course of action, doctors that have skills no other doctor has tend to refuse to accept the lower rates insurance companies pay out.

Here is the problem:

If using insurance you must have a diagnosis. The doctor must make that diagnosis and supply a standard code which is submitted to the insurance carrier. They allow certain treatments based on the code.

Same for lab work, if billed to insurance they must have a diagnosis which would justify the requested tests. For a typical lab workup we would like to have, a lot of various diagnoses would be required and, of course, documentation to back them up.

To bill insurance for low testosterone, the diagnosis is hypogonadism. For that diagnosis, you must have a lab result indicating such and, say with Quest for example, the number must be 249 or lower to back up the diagnosis. That’s right, 251 is normal, not hypogonadism. If your lab result is 300 and your doctor submits to insurance with the diagnosis of hypogonadism, it’s fraud. State medical boards will not like it if complaints are made.

Doctors can prescribe “off label” for the symptoms, but it is not reimbursable by insurance.

Doctors a good at what they do, really good, off the charts smart. However, if your situation is outside their area of expertise…………………….if you have lung cancer, who do you want? Not an oncologist, not a pulmonologist, you want a pulmonary oncologist. The age of specialization.

Following this as I’m in Toronto too. How much does Komers charge?

I don’t know of anywhere in the video game Grand Theft Auto that your character can get TRT. Maybe it will come out in a DLC.

I am a patient of Dr. Komer’s. He’s awesome. Reach out ASAP as he usually has quite a waitlist for an initial appointment and consultation.

How much does he cost?

Either $100 or $150. I forget which. Well worth it.

So that’s the initial fee? How much does it cost after that to continue treatment? Is it just the price of the drugs, or you have to pay a consultation fee every time you go? Is anything covered by ohip or work insurance like manulife or Sun Life?

The wait list is like 8 months. I just decided to self medicate

That’s a one-time fee. Subsequent visits are covered by OHIP. Any meds may or may not be covered by your insurance plan (check)

I would get on the list anyway, they sometimes get cancellations. I waited over a year, but they called me a couple times way before that to see if I could take a last minute appointment, unfortunately with work I wasn’t able to. I’m a big fan, this man has changed my life. A couple things to note about Dr. Komer - he’s really hesitant to prescribe AI’s unless you’re really showing bad side effects directly attributable to high estrogen. I totally agree with him here for a number of reasons, men shouldn’t have abnormally low E, it has long term negative health implications. He’s also not bought into the obsession over SHBG and dosing frequency. In reading this and other TRT forums, I’m really getting the sense that the jury is still very much out on this one. I paid for my own SHBG test, and I’m in the low 40’s (fairly high), yet the protocol that works best for me is daily injections which seems to be routinely indicated for low SHBG people.

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I recently signed up with Dr. Komer. I paid $450 up front and I’m not sure if there are any other charges after that. I’m 6-7 weeks in and have seen him 3 times and have had 2 rounds of bloodwork. I wanted to ask about future fees but didn’t get around to it when I was in there last week. You do need a referral from your doctor or somebody to get an appointment as well.

They ladies up front I heard mention to somebody on the phone they are taking appointments for September now. LOL It is a busy place but well worth the cash IMO.

I really feel good now, almost like a new man as dumb as that sounds. I’m on 110mg a week, injecting weekly and haven’t really noticed the ups and downs people have said. As jdbaizley mentioned his protocol is somewhat basic where as he only looks at TT and not E2, SHBG, FT etc and no AI or HCG.

WTF? He doesn’t look at FREE T? Could you post any labs?

I called and asked the lab if I could pay for the other tests and they mentioned it’s not possible unless the doctor orders it. LOL It’s kind of fucked up to be honest but unless I go over the border to buffalo I’m at his mercy.

First 2 are the first labs done in November, 3rd is from the second week of this month.


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Okay, thanks. Well, he does do Estradiol at least and I imagine he’ll do Free T at 6 month mark. Surprised at no SHBG. I have a dumbass uro at an Ottawa Hospital who wanted me to IM with 1.5 inch horse needles but he gave me a full panel. LOL Weird…

You’re welcome. I would assume if you came to him with symptoms he would then do the other tests. See how the 6 month labs go.

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Does he let you do SubQ or is he like my uro who says he can’t advise that because Canadian standards something something… I do SubQ with 31G 15/16" (6mm) against his recommendation, after all… horse needles! LOL

NOT even kidding:



Holy JESUS!!! Those are some big needles. No he suggested IM in the quads however he didn’t say anything about not doing SubQ. I did mention 2 shots a week and he said just keep it simple.

The pharmacy at his office has a bag of needles all ready to go. They’re 1ml syringes and 18 and 25 gauge needles in the bag.

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Yup. I was taught by a nurse how to do it in the quads with that big ass 18G 1.5 inch’er. Told the doc I’m going SubQ with a slim pin and he said “I can’t advise that…” Your Doc didn’t mention SubQ either because I think our Docs rigidly follow outdated CMA guidelines/law. Can you imagine the scarring from those rail spikes? Fuck that shit… LOL

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