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GT213 Training Log


Didnt really have a plan for today so as I saw it pop up in the forum I decided to give the 405 deadlift challenge a shot (had intended to a while ago but forgot).

Managed 405 29x1 EMOM (16 conventional 13 sumo) then 13 on the AMRAP on min 30. All done without straps and only used a belt on the AMRAP.
I was pleasantly surprised with how this went.

Finished up with bw back extensions: 10,15,20


Id been struggling to get back into it since being away last weekend. Tried squats a couple of times but everything was feeling really heavy and my tendonitis was playing up so just called it.
Yesterday did some light upper body work (used the gym at work for the machines which were easier on the joints)

Today had a pretty good session though:
SSB squat: 410x3. 320x10,8,8
Quads were feeling shaky and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it through my deadlifts, but happily surprised I did.
Conventional: 465 10x1 EMOM
Sumo: 465 10x1

GHR: 8,9,10,11,12
Lat pull downs: 5x12

Next week ill do my squats after deadlifts with 485 then if I manage that, same again the following week with 505, then will drop the weight down


Football bar bench: 235 x8,6,5
Bench + chains: 185 10x3 EMOM
SSB squat: 350 2x3
220 + chains 10x3 SS with dips,10x5
Bw back ext 5x10 SS with DB rows 70lbs 5x10