GT213 Training Log

Was feeling a little sick again today but still managed to get a pretty decent training session in

Strict Press: 140 6x3, 1x8 (pretty pleased with this)

As I was working out at home I couldn’t do my usual assistance work so did some more push press working up to 225x2, x3. Still really need to work on technique on these but strength wise progress is going well.
Finished with some low incline bench (rest pause with slow eccentric): 115x 15,10,8,6
Curls: 30lbs 4 sets of 15-10 reps

Today’s workout:
Box squats (wide stance aka more difficult ones): 345 6x3, 1x8
Front squats: 190 6x3
Reverse Hypers: 90x10, 140x17,14,12
Shrugs (first time in ages doing these): 225 3x10


Bench: 265x6 (did 7 but spotter touched bar on last rep for some reason so won’t count it)
Push Press: 175 5x3
DB Press: 90s 2x8, 95s 2x8
Lat pull downs: 2x15, 2x12
Tri ext: 50lbs rest pause: 30, 15, 10

Squat: 405 x6
SSB squat: 300 4x8
GHR: bw 12,8,9,8


Strict Press: 155x5
Push press SS with pull ups, EMOM 205/3 x5
Did some bench isometrics for the first time (4 sets) alternated with Strict Press 115lbs 4x3.
Finished with some rest pause incline bench with 115, cant remember how many reps I got though.

I’ll be implementing some CAT and iso techniques for bench and OHP once I finish my,current program so decided to try some out today, i liked it.


Didn’t do my usual box squats as I wanted to let the sciatica ease up some before squats next week so instead did the following:

Farmer’s walks: drop and repick (not sure on distance) went up to 250lbs
160 lbs x5 with turn at end

DB rows: 150lbs 3x10, 120lbs x15, 100lbs x20
45° back ext: 4x15
Band pull aparts

Final week of Juggernaut 2.0 this week before max attempts next week - i would have liked a deload in between but since i’m traveling the week after i’m just gonna go for the maxes net week.

Training today:

Bench worked up to 290x4 (AMRAP), fairly pleased with this.

Push press: 5x3 185 - really pleased with how my push press has come along this training block, hoping to hit 275 later this year.

Flat DB Press: 100lbs x10, 80lbs x11, 60lbs rest pause (21, 10, 7)

Pull downs: 3x15, 1x25
Tri ext: rest pause 60lbs (25,12,7)

Squats today:

Usually don’t have great work outs at home but today wasnt too bad.

Squats: 440x3, last one was a real grind.

Finished with front squats to a box (bench)
EMOM: 225 10x3
High bar box squats: 245 1x15


Strict Press: 165x6
Isometric bench (5 secs) alternated with bench press 185x3, 6 sets

Steep incline press 115x5 alternated with bw pull ups x5, 10 sets 30 secs rest between each exercise. 11th set was amraps (15, 7)

Side lateral raise 15lbsx40
Tri band extensions 100 reps


Did rounds push ups, planks and dead hangs, didnt really know what else to do so decided to do some bent over bb rows (been a while on these) 135lbs for 100 reps, took about 5mins

Found out today that I’m going to be pretty busy the next couple of days so decided to hit the gym and test my bench today - would,have liked to have been fresher for this but oh well.

Bench: hit easy 305 followed by easy 320. Went for a pretty big PR attempt of 340 but misgrooved and missed it. I think I could get it on a good day (might try again in a couple of weeks).
Finished with 315x2.

Alternatiing push press and strict press 205x2 115x3 for 5 sets then AMRAP with 115 (10)

Finished with some dead stop bench 225 for 4 singles (first time trying these) and 4x15 db flys 35lbs.

Haven’t been training much of late but have got my next 12 week program set up so will keep going with the log.

So i guess 3 weeks ago was when i tested my maxes (not having peaked properly or deloaded) Got 320 on bench as above, then got 480 squat and missed a close 500 which pissed me off. Then on OHP i think i got 195 and didn’t bother doing anything for deadlifts.

Since then i was on vacation and took another week off then this week started back. For the next 12 weeks i’ll be doing a couple of CAT programs i found for bench and squat then will also be doing one more upper and one more lower days per week. As i want to do a strongman comp as some point I’ll be incorporating some axle work on both days and some farmers on lower days. Oh and also over the next 12 weeks will be looking to gain weight back up to around 230lbs, currently 223ish.

This week did some bench stuff on monday (actual programmed work starts next week)
Tuesday Squats: 345 1x3

CAT Squats: 260 5x4

7 sec paused squats : 175 5x3 - these were really really hard
back extensions: 10lbs 5x15

Today upper assistance day:

Axle bench with slingshot: 250 3x2

CAT Strict Press: 105 5x4

Incline DB flys: 30lbs + mini band 2x15
DB rows: 110lbs 3x10
Rear laterals: 30lbs 3x12
Curls/band tri ext: 30lbs/black band 4x10

This weeks training so far:

Dead bench singles up 305.
CAT bench: 205 8x3
Bottom end drives: 205 2x6
Flys: 3x12
Pull ups: 6x7
Triceps band extensions: 100 reps

Squats: 390 1x3, 275 6x4 1min rest
7 sec paused squats: 195 3x5 (hellish quad pump)
Sit ups: 10lbs 5x15 S/S rear flys 30lbs 3x12

Slingshot bench: 285 3x2
Strict Press: 105 6x4 40s rest
7 sec paused incl bench: 100 3x5
DB rows: 110 3x10
Curls and band ext SS: 4x10


Front Squats: 265, 275, 285 3x2. 185 5x5
Sumo DL of 3" block: 335 5x2
GHR: a lot of reps
An wheel: 4x10

Missed a few weeks of logging but will try again to keep up with it.
In working on my program for once I finish this one and I think it’ll be easier to keep track of it here rather than Google sheets as its pretty hard to pre write it out.

Anyway highlights and updates since last post:
Bench: mid way through a josh bryant iso/cat program - its going ok my shoulder is really bugging me during and after bench so may have to take a couple of weeks off. Hit 305 for 3 singles last session.
Did a 360 slingshot single, will be maxing on this soon.
I’m enjoying my squat program CAT from Chad Wes Smith and starting to get up to heavy weight which is feeling way harder than I was hoping for at this point - did a 445 double last week ajd will be attempting a 1 RM in 4-5 weeks on this.
Front squat has been progressing well - did 325 for 2 singles today, I think this is a PR, maxing in a couple of weeks on this too.
Still cant deadlift effectively so wont be competing in June but am starting to add in some light singles and hoping sciatica doesn’t get too bad - did 305 10x1 today. Ill be trying something heavy in a few weeks and drowning on how that goes look to compete at the end of the year.

BW up to around 226, will be adding in some conditioning to help keep body fat down.

Front squat from the other day

305 single

Today’s training:
Strict press up to 160x5 (shoulder was really bothering me on these) finished with 3 sets of 130.
Comp bench: 175 10x1 EMOM
Pull ups 5x6 ss with seated press 5x10

Finished with rounds of ab wheel, rolling tri extensions, meadows rows and push ups for 20ish mins

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Deload on squats today: 275 3x3 and 375x2
Finished up with some ab wheeling and box jumps

Went for a 1RM on front squats and managed 375. Then tried for 400 but missed it about halfway up.
Pretty happy with how my front squat has progressed over the last couple of months - 325 was the most I’d ever done before today - 405 now the goal this year, which at the start of the year i would never have thought possible.

Did back off sets 3x5: 296, 245, 245

Have decided to start including pin squats into my programming for a while from a couple of inches below my sticking point. I need to make sure i try to get the angles the same as when im in that spot during a regular squat - i.e. quite a bit of forward lean (not sure i was doing that today)

First time with these did 10x1 EMOM with 275lbs:

ended with some ab wheel and box jumps

Was meant to do this next week but decided to do it today and take next week easier as I already maxed on front squats this week.

So worked up to a heavy 1RM sumo pull: managed 600x1 which is a lifetime sumo PR technically although I’ve done 585 for 3 I think. This gives me hope to be able to get back to where my deadlift was pre sciatic issues (650) and compete again.

After the single did some conventional EMOM 10x1 @ 355 and finished with some GHRs.

I pretty much have my next 12 week training block set out at the end of which ill probably go for a max conventional pull.

This weeks training:

Mon: Did some floor press to a heavy single then some back off sets.
Shoulder started hurting so called it a day.

Wed: Squats up to 455x1 - slower than I would have liked.
CAT Squats: 340 4x2
3sec paused squats: 275 3x3
5x10 abs and rear flys

Floor press w slingshot: 320x1, 260x7,5,5
Giant set with Meadows Rows and Curls (sets of 10)
Bench: 210 10x1 EMOM
Decline bench: 160 2x25
Some more meadows rows and banded tri ext.

Front squats: up to 295x5, 230 x 12,10,10
Conv DL: 375 10x1 EMOM
Good morning to pins: 230x5 4-5 sets
BW 45degree back ext: 4-5x10
Ab wheel: 3x10

Was meant to do some OHP and bench today but decided I’m going to try to rest my shoulder for a couple of weeks to see if it gets any better and just do what I can on my upper days.
Today I did rounds of the follows, going for as many as possible in 30 mins:
Full ROM plate raises: 35lbs x10
Meadows rows: 70lbs x10
1 arm KB swing: 24kg x5
KB tri ext: 24kg x10
Banded tri ext: mini x10
Managed 8 rounds.

Good squat session tonight, went a bit off program but happy I did.

Was meant to do 465x1 but was feeling pretty good so ended up grinding out 465x3

CAT squats: 365 3x2. My hip was hurting a bit at this point so looks like I cut depth a little, but not too bothered about that.

3 sec paused squats: 285 3x3
I really feel the paused squats are helping me get through my sticking point on my regular squat which is pleasing.
Finished with 4x10 sit ups w 25lbs and some shoulder mobility work. Core strength is noticeably improved as well