GT213 Training Log


Worked out at home again today, which I now regret. Was meant to be squats (350 8x3) did the first set and juat felt really off (I think this is down to my sciatica being aggregated by the rdls from Saturday) so decided to make a bad situation worse and moved on to some sumo deadlifts from the floor. At no point did these feel good but had it in my head I would do max reps on 405 (have done 415x15 conventional in the past so wanted 20 here) manage to get to 10 and called it there before I injured myself.

Finally managed to salvage the evening with something productive with some front squats to a bench - these are good for when I want to have no weight on my posterior chain. Worked up to 315x5
Then did a drop set: 315,275,225,185,135 @ 2,4,8,16,32, this was fun
315x5 filmed the wrong way round:

Ill,count this as my deadlift session and try squats again on thursday


Strict press: 110x5, 125x3, 135 7x3, 1x9
DB press: 90s 4x10, 80 1x12
DB Rows: 130 4x10, 1x12
Tate press: 25s-35s 5x12
Reverse Hypers: 100lbs for 8,10,12,14,16

Tomorrow is a much needed day off

Got my final session in yesterday before 10 days vacation, ahd tried to squeeze in the main parts of my squat and deadlift days following my screw up earlier this week.

Squats: 290x3, 325x3, 350 8x3
This still felt pretty bad (sciatica giving me issues) so didn’t do a plus set on last.

Box squats: 275x3, 290x3, 335 8x3
Was pretty dead from squats but managed them fairly quickly.

Finished with some block pulls 1 inch below knee. I was pleasantly surprised the sciatica didnt affect these much, worked up to 525 for a couple of sets with the last for 6
Worked up to


Back from vacation yesterday, weighed in at 219 this morning (think due to being dehydrated from a long day of travel with not much food or drink.

Work out today:
Bench: 160x5,190x3,225x2,230x1 250x9
Pretty pleased with 9@250 I guess, probably getting close to the most I’ve done at that weight.
Slingshot: 285 5x3

DB incline: 80s 10,10,10,7,9 60s x10
Lat pulldowns 5x10
Tri pull down 5x15

After this week ill be halfway through the Juggernaut 2.0 program and will be switching up my assistance a bit. I think for bench ill take out the slingshot for something else and change the rep scheme for DB incline to 4x8 and keep the others the same.

01/01/18 Training

Squats: 245x5, 290x3, 340x2, 365x2, 390x9

Used a power bar instead of a squat bar for these, which through me off a little. Wanted at least 10, but considering its been 2 weeks since my last squats 9 isn’t bad.

High bar narrow stance squats: 235 4x10
Front squats to a box: 235 x 2,3,5

GHR: bw 4x5 1x10
Reverse hypers: 90x10, 25

01/02/18 Training:

I’ve decided to start adding in a 5th training day each week for some conditioning and/or anything else i want to work on.

Supersetted pull ups and push press (105 lbs) sets of 1,2,3,…,10,9,8,…,1
This took 32 mins

Used the same rep scheme as above for lateral raises and curls with 25lbs plates
Took 20ish mins

01/04/18 Training:

Strict Press: 95 x5, 105x3, 135x2, 140x1, 150x7

Poor performance on these day. i filmed the last set and it looks like i am pushing the bar too far out in front on me rather than more straight up. I’m thinking i either need to try to lean back a bit more and/or get my head out the way earlier - will play around with these in coming weeks.

Did this work out at home so instead of flat DB press i did some decline bench with slow eccentric to hit the pecs.
Decline bench: 155x10, 165x10, 175x10, 185x10, 195x12

DB Rows - Using one of my adjustable DB handle so had to put on the slightly larger 35lbs plates to get up to the weight i wanted, this reduced ROM a bit but also made them a bit more awkward so not sure if these were easier or harder than with the gym DBs, either way was pleased with these:

DB Rows: 130x10, 140x10, 150x10, 160x10, 170x10, 130x10
Set with 170:

Finished with some KB skullcrushers: 55lbs 5x15

Final session to bring up the halfway point of the cycle, and not a good one. Starting to get thoughts that I’m never going to be able to get my deadlift back to where it used to be which is pretty demoralizing. Think I might try a new PT out next week but not really expecting to find any solutions.

“Deadlift Day”

Box squats: 230x5, 275x3, 325x2, 340x1, 370x8

High bar squats: 235 5x3 these felt terrible, not fast and bad bar path.

Sumo from 6" blocks worked up to 405 for 5 singles. Felt light but could feel my nerves in glutes and hamstrings so didn’t do any reps.

GHR: bw x. 5,6,7,8,9,12,10
45 degree back ext: bw 4x10

For second half of cycle i will take out block pulls and try dead stop squats for the first time, will probably also try to push heavier on rows and increase back extension volume.

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I booked an appointment with an orthopedic surgery today, decided to give getting my sciatic pain diagnosed and treated another shot… Not all that hopefully though.

01/08/2018 training:

Bench: 220 5x5, 1x8
Technique felt pretty good on these, especially on the first reps.

Inc DB press: 4x8 2@80s 2@90s

Push press: 135lbs 5x3 super setter with ng pull ups 5x5

Incline tate press 5x12, 2x12 band extensions all super setted with pull ups (7x5)


Squats: 345 5x5, 1x7
These felt ok. I was able to get my elbows further forward today (I’ve been doing quite a lot of shoulder mobility work for this purpose) which felt kinda awkward though as if the bar could slip off my back but hopefully it just takes some getting used to.

Narrow stance ssb squats: 260 4x8
GHR: bw 5x8
Reverse Hypers: 90 1x10, 2x20

Got another conditioning session in today. I’ve been trying to cut down on caffeine (down to only 1 coffee in the morning) recently was really feeling tired this afternoon - almost decided not to do any workout but glad I did.

Did 10 rounds (20 min): 2x front box squat 225lbs, 4x pull ups, 6x pull overs 55lbs, 8 side lateral raises 25lbs.
Round 3 or 4:

Finished up with some ab work and stretches

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01/12/18 Training:

Strict Press: 130 5x5, 1x7

DB Rows: 150lbs 310

Flat DB Press: 100lbs 3x8, 80x 1x8, 60s 1x12

Incl Tate Press: 25s for 15,13,11,10,12 Supersetted with band pull aparts.

01/13/18 Training:

Deadlift day:

Box squats: 320 5x5, 1x12
Doing these with the buffalo bar and high bar felt really nice, probably not using as much back as i would like but will keep them like this for the remainder of the program.

Front squats to box: 230 5x3

GHR: bw for 5,6,7,8,9,10

Back extensions: 40s 2x10 45s 1x10, 60s 1x10, 1x18.

Decided i’m not going to do any kind of pulling for the next 5 weeks but then will be going for a DL max. I’m not expecting anything great at this stage but hopefully enough to give encouragement that i can progress the lift without actually doing it frequently.


Bench: 245 3x5, 1x7
Having a lift off on the final set made a huge difference. The final set of 5 was a bit of a struggle then the 7 was relatively comfortable.

Incline DB press: 90s 4x8
Please with these. The goal is to get to 3x8 with 100lbs and am,progressing pretty well so far.

Push press super setted with lat pull downs: 145lbs 5x3, 6x10 pull downs (90-170lbs)

Tri extensions super setter with bi curls: 55lbs/ 25 DBs 5x12

Pleased with today’s work

Missed a few days posts, here’s the rest of the weeks training:

Squats: 320x2, 355x2, 380 4x5 - sciatica was really bugging me during these, was really having to good morning them up as glutes weren’t working.
SSB squats: 270 4x8
Reverse Hypers: 90 x20, x25

Bad session all in all. I did see a Dr about the sciatica last week and had an xray on my spine and SI joint, which both look fine which was expected and I guess a good think but also pretty frustrating as am still completely in the dark as to what is causing it.


OHP: 120x2, 130x2, 140 3x5, 1x8

Decline triceps extension with barbell superset with front plate raises: 65lbs/35lbs 6x12


Box squats: 300x2, 335x2, 355 3x5, 1x11

Decided to do some deadlifts from the floor as im planning to go for a max in 2 weeks.
Sumo went up to 450 for 2 singles
Conventional also up to 450 but this felt really bad so it’ll be sumo I go with in 2 weeks.

Body weight GHR: 8,9,10,11,12
90° back raises: 5x10

I didnt manage to get in my DB rows this week so will probably do them tomorrow at home

Did some DB rows on Sunday: 150lbs 2x10,1x15
Finished with some curls and lateral raises

Today’s training:

Bench: 165x5,185x3,225x2,265x1,295x1,270x6
6 reps was about par for the weight.

Push press: 155 5x3 these felt really good.
Incline DB press: 90s 4x8
Lat pull downs: 5x10
Tricep extensions: 5x12

Been sick the last few days but finally feeling better today.

I did go to the gym on Tuesday for squats.

Squats: 245x5,295x3,345x2,370x1,390x1, 415x5
While at my strongest 2 years ago i did 415 for 7 so a little ways off that, but not bad I suppose, could have may be ground out one more.
Sciatica is bothering me more and more on squats so may have to drop them for a while.

SSB squats: 280 4x8
GHR: 3x10
RH: 2x20 90lbs

At the moment I’m thinking take a couple of weeks off from any hip hinge movements and then see what I can work back in pain free…

As I was feeling better today decided to do my main work (no assistance) for my strict press, ended up getting 155x7 - pleased with this.
Decided to follow up with some push press singles and managed to get up to 245, almost was a double and I just missed the first attempt at lock out, then almost dropped the bar on myself (in vid below)
Form still isnt goos on this so think I should be able to improve on this a decent amount.

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Damn. Pretty strong man!

I don’t feel it right now, but appreciate the kind words!

Been dropping into your log a bit recently, keep up the strong work and good attitude lil man

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Thanks man I shall !

Since the last update i was traveling for work last week so treated it as a deload week (got a couple of workouts in at the hotel gym - pretty bad DOMS having not used that light weights for a while).
On Saturday i did the box squats session that i missed the week before as i was sick.

SSB squats to box: 230 x5, 275 x3, 320 x2, 345 x1, 375 x1, 390 x5

Started doing some front box squats but wasn’t really feeling it so did a few sets with 155lbs and called it a day.


Bench: 240 6x3, 1x7
Flat DB press: 90s 4x8, 60s 1x15
Push press: 165lbs 5x3 (i think this is my favourite exercise to do at the moment)
Lat pull downs: 5x10
Tri ext: 50lbs rest pause sets (30, 15, 12)


Good squat session today, mainly due to not having sciatic pain during squats (I’m guessing due to pretty much taking last week off)

Squats: 370 6x3, 1x5
SSB: 290 4x8
I didn’t think I would be able to get all reps on the SSB sets so pretty pleased with that, will try to add 10 lbs to the weight for the last 2 weeks of the program. 310 for 4x8 would be great progress over the 12 weeks.
Finished with reverse hypers: 90lbs 2x20.