GT213 Training Log

This log will track my programming and progress towards a meet I’m planning on doing in June 2018. This will be 2 years since my last meet - haven’t been able to compete since then due to pretty bad sciatica affecting my deadlift.

The plan is to run Juggernaut 2.0 until end of Feb (ending with some max doubles) then do a 12 week peak to the meet.

As i cant currently pull from the floor on my deadlift day i will be doing box squats as my main lift and block pulls from just below the knee as an assistance movement which doesn’t seem to be badly impacted by the sciatica.

Training maxed used for the program:

Squat: 445
Bench: 305
Box Squat: 460
OHP: 185

11/21/17 Training:

Bench: 185lbs 9x5, 1x10
slingshot bench: 235 5x3
Incline DB Press: up to 60lbs: 4x10,1x15
Lat pull downs: 5x10
tri extensions: 5x10

In for your log, you have some solid numbers

Thanks bro - will be hoping to add a fair bit to them by June.

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Body weight this morning: 222lbs.
I’ll be doing the meet at 231lbs so got a nice bit of room to add some weight before June so will be eating accordingly.

11/22/17 Training:

Squats: 275lbs 10x5 (forgot the last set was a + set so only did 5).
Depth was pretty meh so will need to work on getting a little deeper, although the later sets were better as i got warmer.

Not sure which set this is:

SSB squats: 220lbs 5x10
After second set of these i was feeling glad i forgot to do that plus set on squats! - gassed

reverse hypers: 90lbs sets of 10,12,15,18,20

Was meant to do some GHRs but called it a day.

All in all pretty pleased with today’s work.

BW 224 on waking this morning - thought i would be lighter than that as i had a few thanksgiving beers last night which usually means i wake up pretty dehydrated.

11/24/2017 training:

Strict press: 110lbs: 9x5, 1x10
Flat DB Press: 60s 2x10, 80s 2x10, 1x15
DB Rows: 100lbs 2x10, 110lbs 2x10, 120lbs 1x15
Tate Press: 25lbs 5x12

11/25/2017 Training:

“Deadlift Day”

Box squats (I’m doing these to a box around 1 inch above parallel with a pause on the box and narrowish stance to most closely resemble leg drive for my conventional pull:

Was meant to do 275 but ended up using around 282lbs as i used the buffalo bar which i was told weighs 52lbs - did 9x5, 1x12

Paused high bar narrow stance speed squats: 5x3 worked up to 230lbs plus green bands.

Block pulls from just below the knee: 5x5 405lbs

Reverse Hypers : 100lbs 2x12, 150lbs 3x12

45d back extensions: body weight 3x10 - ridiculous back pumps after these.

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BW on waking: 225lbs

Bench: 170x5, 190x5, 205 9x5, 205 x10

threw on slingshot: 245 5x3 - am doing these to help with form and as speed work

Incline DB press: 60s 2x10, 70s 2x10 1x17

Lat pull downs: 5x10

tricep push downs: 5x15

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11/29/17 Training

Squats: 250 x5, 285 x5, 305 10x3, 305 x10

I tried using my heeled shoes for these, i’ve used them in the past but never really got the hang of them, i alway feel like i get pitched forward when i wear them, especially with heavier loads. Its annoying as i feel they could be beneficial given my squat style if i could make the right adjustments, but for now they just aren’t working for me.

A set of 3:

SSB squats: 220 5x10

Reverse Hypers: 90 5x10
GHRs: 5x5

Noticed some fairly new looking stretch marks on my shoulders which is promising as i am trying to get bigger over the next few months.

Saw your post in the other thread.

Try getting your elbows forward. Right now, they’re very far back, and you’re essentially shoving the bar forward over your head. Combined with heeled shoes, it’s throwing your weight forward.

Get your elbows forward and pull the bar down into your back to get your lats set up and it should allow the weight to be better distributed.

Thats a good point - hadn’t thought of it.
I have awful shoulder mobility but i’ll see if a slightly wider grip helps me get my elbows further forward.


bw 225

OHP: 100 x5, 115 x5, 125 9x3, 1x9
Flat DB Press: 70s: 2x10, 80s: 2x10, 1x20
DB Rows: 110s: 3x10, 120s: 1x10, 1x20
Tate press (or something pretty similar): 5x12

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“Deadlift day”

Box squats: 255 x5, 290 x5, 310 9x3, 1x10
Paused High bar squats w green bands: 210 2x3, 230 3x3

Did these with my lifting shoes and tried to incorporate a couple of the tips i got regarding using these shoes. i tried to stay more upright and get elbows further forward (this was easier to do with high bar & using the buffalo bar). Definitely felt better that squats earlier this week but at this stage still not sure i’ll be able to maintain these adjustments with heavier loads.

block pulls from 1" below knee: 405 5x5, felt light but am starting to feel my sciatica on these which sucks! I will plan on keeping them in for a few more weeks but may switch to sumo pulls from blocks as they should irritate the nerve less.

Finished with some GHRs: 6x5


Been eating really poorly the last couple of days which i often find i start doing when i am trying to gain weight - will be trying to clean up my diet going forward, can be hard this time of year tho!


Bench: 155 x5, 185 x3, 215 x1, 230 x14 (AMRAP)
Wasn’t feeling great on the AMRAP set and a little pissed i only got 14, wanted a few more at least but oh well - will do better next time.

slingshot bench: 255 5x3
DB Incline: 70s 4x10, 1x 17
Incline tate press: 25s 5x15 - think i prefer doing these with an incline so may start doing them like this more frequently.


Squats: 235x5, 275x3, 320x1 340x16 (Killed me!!)
don’t think i’ve ever been that out of breathe after any set before, had a burning in my throat after i hadn’t felt since running track in high school on a cold day.

Had to cut down on my programmed assistance so did:
SSB squats: for sets of 5 220, 240, 260, 280, 300 then 220x12
Finished with 5x10 on reverse hypers: from 90lbs up to 180.

Bw 224

Strict Press: 95lbs x5, 110x3, 135x1, 140x10
I haven’t trained much over head for a long time but am kinda frustrated that I’m literally no,better at it than I was 3-4 years ago. Goal is 225 strict but I’m a ways off that.

Flat DB press: 80s 4x10, 90s 1x11
DB rows: 120 4x10, 130 1x15
Goal here is to get to 5x10 with 150.

Finished up with rate press 5x12

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Really wasn’t feeling that good going into this one, and it showed - i think the squats from earlier in the week and christmas party drinks the night before take their toll - any who.

“Deadlift day”

Box squats: 235lbs x5, 275 x3, 325 x1, 345 x12 (maybe had 1-2 more in me but called it here and will save them for another day!)

Block Pulls: the blocks i had been using for these were taken so instead decided (stupidly) to do some sumo pulls off 2-3 inch blocks, and as i can’t do volume with deads at the moment decided to do singles and see where it went.

All singles: 405, 455, 495, 545, 585
I should have stopped at 495 the last one was WAAY slower and harder than it should of been and i could really feel the sciatica on the final one - Annoyed at myself for not sticking with the plan of not doing anything that aggravates my nerves for 2 months.

Paused squats (straight weight): 230 2x3, 240 3x3

Reverse Hypers: 140lbs 5x12

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Bw 223, think I was a bit dehydrated this morning

Bench: 205 7x5, 1x12
Slingshot: 265 5x3
Incl DB press: 80s 4x10, 70s 1x10
Pull ups 5x8
Incline Tate press: 25s 5x12


OHP: 120 7x5, 1x8
DB Press: 80s 2x10, 90s 3x10
DB Rows: 130 4x10, 1x12
Tate Press: 5x12


Had to get a quick session in at home today

Box squats: 300 7x5 1x12
Rack pulls (just below the knee) sumo stance: 445lbs 6x1 - didn’t want to do reps with this and risk bending my bar on the rack pins so was did singles with slow descent.

RDLs: 315 1x15

First time picking something up from the floor in a while, feel much lower than i remembered!
These felt pretty good which was a surprise, may try to work them back into my programming in a couple of weeks.

Will be going on vacation for 10 days on Friday so am trying to squeeze my 4 workouts for the week in by Thursday.

Bench: 185x3, 225x3, 230 7x3, 1x8
I did this in my garage which always feels really awkward for bench, im pretty sure I could get more than on a regular bench.

Slingshot: 275 5x3

I’m gonna try to add in some strongman type stuff into my training with a view to potentially do a comp late next year (after my June powerlifting meet) if I can get to a level im satisfied with.
Therefore tried some barbell push jerks did some singles up to 225, here’s one of them

I think the hardest part was getting set before the push, think the bar may have been too far in front of me, will work on this.

Finshed with some tricep band extensions (5x10) and NG pull ups (6×6)