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GSP's Stength Routine

Pretty cool look into his strength training. I know Dan John talked about super setting heavy dumbbell presses with explosive push ups, pretty cool.

is this the one where he does pullups with 100lbs when a year ago he couldn’t even do 10 or some shit

He is a bad ass… I posted this in another thread but it likely got overlooked. Those jumps he does at the end are impressive.

And he’s in my weight class…uh, fun.

[quote]danew wrote:
And he’s in my weight class…uh, fun.[/quote]

I would fix that.

GSP’s strength coach goes by the name Jonathan Chaimberg…his place is about 10 minutes from where i live…here’s a link to his studio…http://www.jsport.ca/facilities.html…what strikes me is the LACK of equipment…just a few simple pieces.

The other funny thing is all over the other MMA forums people now want to know GSP’s full routine as if performing complexes is something new…Dan John,Ross Enamait ie:The MAN!,Dos remedios,JC santana have been spoke of their benefits for years…Complexes the new MMA panacea for 2009…you all watch.

He’s not doing anything I haven’t known about for years…

Good program, obviously, but nothing new or exciting.

Just basic movements and hard work.

Man, I wish it were easier…