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Has anyone out there tried the Growth Surge Project “WITHOUT” the use of Mag-10??? Just wondering about results you’ve achieved. Cheers, Mark-AUS.

11lbs, about 4-5 of them fat, added 2 inches to chest(mostly though to lats), arms got bigger, used 900 less cals in phase II. Modified phase III did T-Dawg style with massive eating on weekends(and some cheat on weekends), lost 3-4 lbs of fat keep all muscle. Very happy but if I did the program again i would have done higher reps as usually we train lower reps and thus the program was more how we normally train.

Cheers Ed! So you calculated your cals for stage II and then took off 900? Not sure if I quite understood you. What was the reasoning behind that? I take it you just didn’t wanna get fat…

I’m set to start in about 2-3 days. Getting the diet layed out properly is proving to be a bit of a bitch, but it’ll come good. Unfortunately I’m a bit constricted with money and practicality, i.e. I’m being forced to drink a lot of the calories. [shrug] Anyway, I’ll post the results. Mark-AUS.

I used a combination of Androsol/Nandrosol as my “equalizer”. Gained 8 pounds of LBM, NO fat at all.

Yeah I and my brother both have been “well padded” before and didn’t want the excess fat we figured it was worth the chance of less muscle, 900 was an arbitrary number that we thought of… good luck