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GSP With Newest Supps?

I guess this is my official first post, so here it goes. I would like to do the Growth Surge Project but from what I am reading, most who have done it have used MAG-10 or Androsol; or have altered the program in some way, (taken down the calories, trained once a day, etc.). I was wondering if you guys, (and girls), think it is possible or advisible to do “the project” unaltered using Biotest’s newer supplements, (here I’m especially thinking of Alpha Male and Carbolin 19) in lieu of MAG-10?

Any suggestions you might have would be great. Can anyone think of any particular stack of currently legal Biotest products that would make the Growth Surge Project more effective? I’m not expecting anything like the results from products like MAG-10 or Androsol, but I would like to aid in recovery and reduce fat gain as much as possible.

Maybe some background info is due, so you all know where I am coming from on this. I’m in college and am planning on doing the GSP this summer. I have a very flexible work schedule, (can fit in “weird” eating schedules, 2-a-day workouts, and 9+ hours of sleep every night). I’ve got several hundred dollars that I have set aside for supplements and food, so money is no object. In short, I am completely set to devote 6 weeks of my life to this program. Thanks for any help you can give me.

mccarr, Methoxy-7 at the higher dosage is a good start. Once Carbolin 19 becomes available, these are great additions for the GSP.


Thanks mate. The thread on Methoxy-7 said it would be available 3 weeks from the 10th, so that could work out well. I’ll get a few bottles of Carbolin 19 and try them both. I’ve been thinking of trying HOT-ROX with part 3 to increase fat loss after the gains made in part 2. Any thoughts?