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GSP Will Fight For The Belt


Hey y'all, I just found this news snippet about our favorite Spike-sponsored, North of the US border, grapplin', throwin', brawlin', bashin', tap or snappin' guy, George St. Pierre.


GSP vs. Matt Hughes is definitely on for the Welterweight belt, and it will probably take place in early September. I can't wait. I think he's definitely going to have what it takes to come out on top this time, and he'll end up with the belt around his waist.

Oh yeah, the article also says that St. Pierre (at 24 years old), is "on his way to becoming Canada's first million-dollar mixed martial arts fighter." I think he's definitely worth it. Wouldn't you say?


With any luck, Hughes will have learned some humility after Gracie, but then again, probably not. Some humility would make him a much more dangerous fighter.

After the way GSP kept BJ Penn busy on the ground, we should see a great fight against Hughes. GSP's striking is far superior to Hughes' and the advances in GSP's ground game lately should really make the difference.


i love gsp. his attitude and work ethic is an inspiration to any athlete, and i hope he puts matt in his place.


GSP rules. Great ambassador for the sport. I'm glad Biotest sponsors him.


So true!


While I think Hughes will beat Gracie...you never know. So, the September match up may never occur.

Secondly, while I like GSP (what's not to like) Hughes will crush him just as he did in their first encounter.

OUCH did I say "crush him?"

Yea....I did.


Hughes-Gracie is a non-title fight, so it shouldn't affect Hughes-GSP.

It wasn't so much of a one-sided fight now, was it? St. Pierre had said that in their first match, he knew he wasn't being aggressive enough, and plans to adjust accordingly. Skill-wise, St. Pierre has a better standup game. On the ground, it goes to Hughes. So, like in most cases, it depends on where it ends up.


The first Hughes GSP match was won handily by Hughes. Take a look at the video if you get the opportunity.

Secondly, if Hughes wants it on the ground, it will go on the ground. And you know who owns the ground in that match up.

Also, I thank you for informing me that the Gracie match is not a title fight.

Are there any special "Gracie rules" in that fight since it's not for the title?

Things such as time, length of rounds etc.


Nobody expects Royce Gracie to beat Matt Hughes. This is a tune up fight for the champ and a payday for the UFC. They are just leveraging the Gracie legend for a big gate.

Hughes GSP is a toss up but I give the edge to Matt Hughes. The fact of the matter is Hughes is a bad Mo Fo and all other things being equal nobody has been able to overcome his freakish strength.

Regarding GSP and the BJ Penn fight, Hughes has improved since then and Penn didn't exactly look to be in the best fighting shape. As I understand he has not been very active since leaving the UFC.


I agree. This is just a payday for UFC and Gracie's gonna get an ass whoopin'.

I disagree. An aggressive GSP can beat him. GSP has a lot of speed that Hughes can't match. I don't think it'll even make it to the ground if GSP fights smart.

Penn had been very active in the BJJ world, but you're right in that he didn't look like he was in that good a shape.


Not exactly. The match was very back and forth and GSP was getting the best of him standing.

Again I would have to disagree. Sean Sherk has a lightning fast double leg (look out for it running through diaz this weekend) and he was unable to do anything on Hughes. Hughes may not be as small as Sherk, but there isn't that much of a height difference (3 inches). Hughes will definitely have to tangle with GSP on his feet if he wants to close the distance and get him against the cage, then he may be able to get him down, but you can bet that he will eat a lot of shots going down this route.

No, there are no special rules. Since it is a non-title fight it is 3 5 minute rounds. Gracie is not allowed to wear a Gi either.


The fact that Sherk could not force his double leg on Hughes is only further testimony that Hughes is a great fighter.

I said if Hughes wants it to go to the ground (against GSP) then it will. He will bully him into the fence and down goes GSP.

There are not fighters in Hughes weight class who have anything even close to his power or wrestling ability.

That's funny Hughes didn't "eat a lot of shots" the first time when he dumped GSP on his butt.

But let's say that he does eat a few shots, who cares? I don't see that turning the tide of the fight.

Once the match is on the ground GSP loses, unless Hughes does something stupid...and you never know, but I doubt it.

I would have rather seen a Penn vs Hughes rematch. As BJ is highly talented on the ground.

Then I wonder why this was not a title fight?

Is Gracie not able to make the 169.9 weight?


I don't know how many of you guys actually know the fighters themselves but having trained with and met BJ Penn as well as Royce Gracie in addition to competing in jiu jitsu and MMA competitions, most of you don't know what you're talking about and like 99% of UFC viewers you have lost the vision that was the UFC. I think I stopped watching UFC once it got to 20 something. Reason being that most of the matches had the same ground and pound strategies and when matches did have technical aspects to it the fans weren't impressed or outright booed the fighters. People were so intent on seeing a KO or the ground and pound game that anything technical was seen as boring.

If you know anything about BJ Penn then you know of his accomplishments. Any doubts about his skill--just rewind and watch Penn vs. Hughes. That's the Penn we all know and love here on the islands. I don't know what happened in the St. Pierre fight but seriously, did you see Pierre's face after the fight? Who do you think REALLY won? Penn seemed bored and I think if he wanted to he would've submitted him in the second round. He had plenty of opportunities on the ground and I don't know why he didn't capitalize. That's the thing about him--he's unpredictable--but very very dangerous. As for Matt Hughes so what if he's strong. Who cares? Royce Gracie embodies all that the UFC originally was meant to showcase: technique and endurance over brute strength. Royce's ground game is in no doubt here and I think he's done his homework on striking.

My predictions...Royce Gracie win by submission. The same for the Hughes vs. St. Pierre match up. As for BJ Penn...he would no doubt humble all three of those fighters. Any doubts? Just come out here and spar with the guy.


Try reading that out loud. Penn wanted to lose? Penn was happy with just saying, "I could have won if I had wanted to, but whatever?"

Seriously, there are really only four things that could have happened in this fight:

  1. Penn has lost his skill and is no longer a competitor.

  2. Penn didn't take the fight seriously and lost.

  3. Penn had an off night. Happens to everyone. We'll see how he does in his next bout.

  4. GSP is just plain better.

There's no need to make excuses for the guy.

We do know that GSP is the perfect 3d fighter - he's also smart, aggressive and learns from each of his fights, respects his opponents' skills and trains for them, so there's no dishonor is losing to him.


I know of one guy who's rolled with Royce. He was a skilled Greco Roman guy. But...what does that prove again?

Coulda, woulda, shoulda, but didn't.

Right. Because I'd much rather step into the cage against a highly skilled technical grappler with too much strength, instead of a highly skilled technical grappler who's weaker than I am. I would. Seriously. Scouts honor.

Wait...so, Royce Gracie's going to do a run-in on the GSP-Hughes match, just so he can tap out Matt Hughes again? Dana White really is trying to go all WWE on us.

Fine. You tell that Penn kid that I'll be there October 29th of this year, just so I can whup him on my birthday.


my take on things...i do think GSP will beat Hughes in the rematch...he's a hungry fighter right now...

i do agree out of the three(BJ,GSP,Hughes) that no doubt BJ is the most talented and probably the best fighter...the only thing hughes and GSP have on him is heart...i think BJ clearly gets bored...after the 1st rd i think he knew he was superior and just kind of cruised...remember he doesn't need to fight..i think he just does it because its something to do.

if BJ came in shape and determined i think he'd walk through GSP and Hughes

as far as him...he is fighting in K-1 Grand Prix...i believe in the 187lb class..which is crazy he's a 155lb all the way...just speaks volumes of who he will fight...

i heard a rumor that BJ was offered Diego or Koscheck......and i sure hope he dismantles one of them.

as far as Gracie vs. Hughes...i believe they decided to fight at 175...and if some Royce gets matt on his back...matt is in trouble...you seen in the BJ vs. Hughes fight how uncomfortable he is on his back


I don't know BJ Penn as well as you may, however if in fact he is a better fighter he didn't prove it against GSP. Oh, yeah, I forgot he was probably bored. Why didn't I see that. Because if you were locked in a cage with a guy who wanted to rip you limb from limb most people would get bored. The bottom line is BJ may be one bad dude but he didn't get the job done against GSP. This shows either a lack of finishing ability or heart. Given that you claim he is a superior fighter why else would he have lost?

Which brings me back to your comment about Gracie and his technical perfection. I have always enjoyed the UFC from 1 until now and I have always appreciated the skill that Royce possesses. In fact you could say I'm in awe of his skill. However, given the evolution of the sport, the increase in the talent pool, and the fact that every competitor is truly well rounded in various combat arts, and the conditioning level of these athletes, the gap between Royce and the other fighters has been closed.

Besides I don't think the UFC was ever about showcasing your skills like some blackbelt kata. UFC is and always has been an all American Thunder Dome. Two men enter... One man leaves.


Conan - its the UFC any fighter can lose on any given night, just bc you beat someone doesn't mean that you are better than them...let's see

Gomi losing to Aurillo....doesn't mean aurillo is a better fighter....Gomi would beat him 9 out of 10..probably..

Shogun losing to Coleman(i know he broke his arm or whatever..still a loss)..but shogun would win that fight most of the time

there are upsets all the time....

and i personally do think BJ is a better fighter than GSP eventho Georges beat him

but i do agree w/ you...the only thing BJ lacks sometimes is heart....GSP was hungrier thats why he won the fight...


Woops! I meant to type that he was unable to do anything on GSP, not Hughes! He actually did get Hughes down a few times if I remember correctly.

I agree that this will be his strategy, but GSP is a very talented striker and has great footwork and a great takedown defense. It won't be easy for Hughes to get him against the fence and it won't be easy to take him down.

Its not a title match because they are just bringing in Royce out of the blue to have a big money match up, its not really about the title at all. They are trying to build up Hughes so he can headline PPVs and have a star quality about him by having him beat a legend of the octagon (see Rich Franklin vs Ken Shamrock).


Yeah, but first you have to recover from that 8 year old that whupped ya!