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GSP Walking Around at 190+ Fact or Fiction



a peep forwarded me this link
kind of interesting if its true.

I think GSP prob does cut about 20 lbs in the last few days
so I would say its close to the truth


23 pounds according to Firas


After how I saw how he looked when he smacked down by boy, BJ Penn, I believe it. He made a 167lb BJ look small.



1- He can already fight at 185... Though he's still much smaller than Anderson
2- He's broken MMA down to pure science... IMO shows how much farther we can go (as a sport) when ALL athletes can train like GSP (big sponsor, personal chef, a SMART head trainer)
3- That weight gain is recent. He's always been a "big" 170'er according to most but if he was only cutting 10lbs then he was a decent size. NOW he's a big welterweight cutting 20+lbs and is STILL smaller than say Anthony Johnson, or doesn't have the difficulties making weight of say, Thiago Alves.

GSP is fucking amazing


thiago is with dulce now


I'm walking around at 183 a week before a fight and I'm a little nervous about the cut.

He really must have the science down... I'm jealous.


fact! slaps table


This made me laugh.


I would like to know his method, sounds like more than the regular water manipulation we all know about.


I buy it. Still a big gap between GSP's 5'10" and Silva's 6'2" though.


I got nothing except to say good luck with your fight.


Robert A


While I think this was legit, I was wondering if this was just a bit of warfare.


I buy it, he's looking pretty big and lean in that muscle up vid.

Apparently he bulked up after the Alves fight. Said he felt weaker than he should have. That said, despite all that, he's still not in the 'huge welterweight' category reserved for guys like Hardy, AJ and Alves (of two fights ago).

About his weight cutting method, Jon Chaimberg has an interview where he touches on it briefly. He claims Georges doesn't sit in a sauna at all. Apparently he carb/sodium loads a week out for a couple of days and depletes 2-3 days out from the morning of the weigh in - or something along those lines, I don't recall the numbers very well, lol. Chaimberg also mentions that the method is pretty standard stuff, so I'm sure the info is out there.


The cutting is pretty standard stuff-

a tightly controlled diet
a few days/weeks of water loading etc.

and Im sure for the last few pounds
there is a super hot epsom salt bath involved,and then bundling up
to keep warm and sweat it out

Chaimburg come from a wrestling background Its pretty standard stuff.


Chaimberg was fired


OMG I am so not up on my MMA minutia

I need to sign up for the newsletters again.


I don't think it was fired as much as it was a mutual decision. Chaimburg was having issues with how much GSP traveled around to get all his different training sessions in. Chaimburg felt this effected how and when he could train GSP. So they decided to part ways. At least that's what I heard.


Have anyone watched sports science with GSP saying that GSP punch is stronger than Shogun's kick and his takedown is on equal levels with Rashad's takedown? i call it bullshit.

The only one i believe is Fedor's RNC being stronger than a pressure from a Python. lol


That show is 100% bullshit.


Is always good to know that someone agrees with me.